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Cheifs Chatter

Take a Memo:
Game was lost in first half


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

That was ugly. The Chiefs dormant offense has yet to score a first quarter TD this season. It wouldn’t change in the desert. By the time the slumbering offense awoke it was mid-way through the fourth quarter and the team needed a miracle. Aside from K Todd Peterson’s 49-yard FG, no miracles were to be had in Arizona.

Take A Memo

For Chiefs’ fans—

This game was lost in the first half on offense (0-3 red zone TD’s) and the third quarter on defense (23 Cardinals plays to 3 Chiefs plays). The last interception was tough but it didn’t lose the game.

To offensive coordinator Al Saunders—

—When you have 14 seconds left in the half from Arizona 3-yard line, there is no need for trickery.

To whoever gives the halftime locker room speech—

(Sarcasm on) Nice job. (Sarcasm off) Next.

To Eric Hicks—

On 3rd and 14 let the opposing QB just throw the ball away.

To Trent Green—

Don’t throw...try to throw...sorry no help from here either.

To Priest Holmes—
Nice game...again.

To Dick Vermeil—
Aren’t these the kinds of games you should stay in?

To Snoop Minnis—

Good attitude with the benching. Good response when you did see the field.

To Derrick Alexander—

Yes—that’s still the endzone.

To Eric Warfield—

Good play, er, bad coverage...roller coaster.

To the Chiefs defense—

Exactly what was that in the third quarter?

To the Chiefs offense—

232 yards in the first half has to equal more than 9 points.

To the Patriots—

The Chiefs would like that formula you use against the Colts.

NFL memo list

To the Ravens—

Welcome to the world of Elvis Grbac.

To the Rams—

To the Broncos—

What happened?

To the Colts—
Maybe you should have drafted Tom Brady.

To the Bucs—

Overrated may be too kind.

To the Bears—

4-1? How are you doing it?

To the Packers—
Welcome back to reality.