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Cheifs Chatter

Take a Memo:
Advice to coaches and Trent


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

Two performances in a row that were very difficult to watch. Lots of mistakes, and plenty of blame to go around. Get a pen, a pad and take a memo—

From the Chiefs coaching staff—Can someone come and set my VCR clock? It’s been flashing 12:00 for years. Can someone help me manage the game clock as well?

To the Chiefs coaching staff—

Your QB is struggling; Pittsburgh is keying on the pass. Hand the ball to Priest Holmes before the fourth quarter.

To the Chiefs coaching staff part II—

Can you pinpoint when it was you decided to abandon everything you talked about during training camp?

To the Chiefs coaching staff part III—

An inexperienced Snoop Minnis and injured Derrick Alexander are the worse starting WR tandem in the NFL. Why do you continue to attempt to feature them?

To the Chiefs coaching staff part IV—

Trent Green has been off all season. What makes you think he is going to improve unless you run the ball?

To the Chiefs coaching staff part V—

If you won’t sign another receiver, how about starting Mikhael Ricks?

To Derrick Alexander—

Not sure of the extent of your many injuries but you make Randy Moss look like he hustles and finishes on every play.

To Derrick Alexander part II—
If you are hurt as bad as it seems.... Sit down. Your inept play is killing this team.

To the Chiefs special teams—
It was nice to see a 55-yard FG at Arrowhead. Too bad it was by the visiting team.

To anyone who wants to catch a pass from Trent Green—

Apparently it’s hard to catch his passes no matter what team you play for.

-Snoop Minnis dropped more passes than he caught.

-Derrick Alexander’s best play was a dropped pass where he was hit and a 15-yard personal foul was assessed.

-Chris Thomas dropped more passes than he caught.

-The Pittsburgh secondary dropped several would be interceptions.

To Elvis Grbac—
Your replacement looked just like you today. Green stared down Alexander just like you used to on the interception for a TD. If he would have only had his mouth agape and had that mouth breather look it would be as if you never left.

To Trent Green—
Stop telegraphing your passes.

To Trent Green part II—

Throw the shorter routes. Stop aiming the ball. Realize that you don’t have one game breaker in the WR corps. Short safe passes to TE’s and backs are the only things this offense can do.
To Trent Green part III—

This team is not the Rams. Mistakes returned for TD’s will cost you games with this lackadaisical offense.
To Trent Green part IV—

Throw the ball away. Understand that you have no wide receiver that can make a play and stop throwing into double coverage.

To the Offensive Line—

Green is off to a poor enough start without getting hit on every pass attempt.
To Priest Holmes—

Thanks for a bright spot in an otherwise dismal season. Can this man get the ball more?

One thing: Going low on the blitzing LB isn’t working to well. Green’s ribs can tell you that.