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Monday Morning QB: Fast break
offense looks more like a four-corner stall


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

Offensively, it was awful. Defensively, it could have been.

For the second time in three games, the Chiefs offense scored no touchdowns. After the initial hype of the “fast-break” offense subsided during the pre-season, I downgraded the Chiefs offensive scheme to a “controlled fast break.” If this kind of play continues, Dean Smith may be called in and the Chiefs offense may go to the four-corner stall against formidable foes.

Much was said about how the receivers and Trent Green weren’t on the same page against the Broncos. Skip that—they weren’t on the same chapter. At times, they were perusing completely different books. Blitz sight adjustments were missed, receivers ran out instead of up. Receivers quit on routes. Green seemed determined to float balls toward a general area no matter what kind of pressure he was faced with.

The longest pass play of the day was a catch by Tony Gonzalez sitting on the sideline. Two Denver defenders had a shot at yet another interception; the ball ricocheted off the defensive backs and fell right into the lucky hands of a seated Gonzalez.
Then the luck ran out.

• • •

Trent Green’s first interception may have been because WR Snoop Minnis ran the wrong route. Or maybe not. It was tough to tell, but regardless the pass should not have been thrown.

The second looked awful. Green lobbed a pass down the sideline sort of toward Chris Thomas and another drive was ended. It looked even worse on tape. Green jumped in the air while back-pedaling then threw off his back foot, and missed his receiver by 8 yards.

The third broke the teams back. A decent throw across the middle turned ugly as WR Derrick Alexander ‘alligator armed’ and quit on the route. Deltha O’Neal was more than happy to take the lane vacated by Alexander and grab his third of four picks on the afternoon. It was the second straight pass to Alexander where he didn’t carry his route to its completion. If Derrick is to be the number one wide receiver in this offense, he needs to show up every now and then.

The fourth interception was an overthrown attempt late in the game.

• • •

One quarter of the season is over and a nasty pattern has developed during these first four games. The Chiefs offense is struggling to score points against any decent team. The writing was on the wall early and not addressed by the team. It takes personnel to run this offense. For the Chiefs to remain competitive this season, some adjustments must be made.

• • •

Monday Morning QB’s staff is more than happy to stick its collective nose in with suggestions.

—Call Derrick Mayes and sign him. Healthy receivers who can get off the line are needed.

—Replace Dante Hall. Unless he is going against Mike Stock’s awful team he is no threat. Plus he can’t play receiver. The team needs healthy bodies at receiver.

—Start Chris Thomas. Let Snoop spell him.

—Find a fullback and sign him. There is no guarantee that Richardson will return this season.

—If Mikhail Ricks is not going to be used as a TE or a WR why is he on the roster? Use him or bring in a receiver for his roster spot.

—Did I mention that this team needs some healthy receivers?