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Cheifs Chatter

Monday Morning Quarterback
grades the Chiefs first victory


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

The turning point of the Chiefs’ one-sided victory came late in the first quarter. After two fairly successful drives, the Washington Redskins stared at a 4th and 1 from the Chiefs 30 leading 3-0. The momentum was all Redskins; the crowd had even cheered a few times for the DC team.

Head coach Marty Schottenheimer talked it over with his family, er his coaching staff and decided to go for it on that 4th down. His new QB Tony Banks threw an incomplete pass, and the Redskins’ offense walked off the field. The Chiefs took advantage of the mistake, marched 70 yards for a TD and never looked back.

The Chiefs scored a TD on that possession, and ripped off 6 more scoring drives in succession much to the chagrin of the Redskin faithful. Game over; season over for the Washington Redskins.

And the Chiefs fans collectively said, ‘At least he’s not on our side anymore.’

• • •

There is a lot to like about a game where your offense looks unstoppable, your defense goes relatively unchallenged and you have a QB who looks better than anyone you could have chosen with your first round draft pick you surrendered to bring him in.

But it was against the worst team in the NFL. That said, let’s Monday Morning QB Dick Vermeil’s first real victory as the Chiefs’ head coach.

• • •

RB Priest Holmes stepped up and played incredible. He will be receiving the AFC offensive player of the week award on Wednesday or there will be an investigation. He had great runs, great catches and 3 TD’s. He made people miss, showed incredible vision on his runs and catches and looked just like the fit the coaching staff dreamed of when they picked him up on the eve of NFL draft. Grade A

QB Trent Green missed three passes all day. He showed presence in the pocket, scrambled when he had to and even threw a ‘block’ in the first quarter. He was mobile in and out of the pocket, and made great decisions. “Trent Green was special today”, coach Vermeil stated after the game. I concur. Grade A

TE Tony Gonzalez was finally able to get it going looking like the All-World pass catcher that he is. Aside from that missed “dunk” over the crossbar, flawless. Grade A-

WR’s were serviceable; Chris Thomas may have found a home. Alexander’s presence is an assist for Gonzo. Grade B+

O-Line played very well. Good pass protection, massive holes for Holmes. Grade A

• • •

Defensive line got little pass rush and got pushed around a bit early. No harm, no foul, but improvement is needed. Grade B.

Linebackers made the plays they had to, especially after the first quarter. Grade B+

Defensive backfield had some mental breakdowns and a very suspect call against Warfield, but surrendered only 1 TD. Passing grade for the passing defense. Grade B.

The coverage units on special teams need work. Grade C
• • •

A case of Marty Bashing—
A fan in the stands had some of the best lines of the day and the CBS microphones picked them up clearly—
“It ain’t '87, Marty.”

“Hey—will the last Schottenheimer out turn out the lights?”

“Do you have a relative for every job, Marty?”

Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil gave an assist after the game to his old friend.

“I’ll tell you that. . . . And they have a lot of old guys who like to bitch and moan, and now have to work for a living. I’ve been through that (crap) before (in St. Louis).”

Late Hit—

The Chiefs offense got on track none too soon. A home game against the inept offense of the Steelers and a road game against a lousy Arizona team are sandwiched in between games against offensive juggernauts Denver and Indianapolis. The Chiefs need a 3-1 October and it won’t be easy.