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Cheifs Chatter

Take a memo


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

'Take A Memo' takes notes during KC’s first victory.

TAM gives you five reasons the Ravens won’t repeat, and TAM channel surfs the other NFL games.

To the NFL from the KC Chiefs—

Can we schedule the Redskins three more times this season?

To Larry, Moe and Curly (I.E. The Three Stooges)—

Apologies for comparing Mike Stock, Kurt Schottenheimer and Jimmy Raye to you guys. That’s an insult.

To the Chiefs equipment guys—

Just because bell bottoms and fat chicks are back in style doesn’t mean tear-away jerseys are back in vogue. Both Gonzo and Larry Parker’s jerseys were torn wide open in the first half.
To the Chiefs offense—

Seven straight scoring drives, 543 total yards, 45 points and 29 first downs. I know it was the Redskins but that is domination.

To RB Priest Holmes—

Hope you enjoy your AFC offensive player of the week award, you earned it.

To KR Dante Hall—

You are allowed to take a knee and a touchback on kick-offs into the endzone.

To QB Trent Green—

21 of 26 for 307 yards and 3 TD’s equal a 154.33 QB rating. KC fans will now give you a one-week reprieve.

To the Chiefs defensive line—
Sooner or later you are going to need to get some pressure on an opposing QB without the blitz.

To Special Teams coach Frank Gansz, Jr.—

Your kick and coverage teams aren’t special at all, improvement is needed.

To KC TE Tony Gonzalez—

Finger roll, perhaps?

Redskins new team slogan suggestions—

Dream the dream; O and sixteen.

Dan Snyder was never this bad at running the team.

Hey Marty; Any more relatives?

Five reasons the Ravens won’t repeat—

Had this last week, but wanted to wait until Baltimore won another game-

5) HBO special Hard Knocks—Does anyone love their own voice as much as Brian Billick does? That was a big mistake.

4) Siragusa—Too old, too fat to make it 16 games and the playoffs.

3) Defensive secondary—Does that defense have a weak link? It does now.

2) Elvis Grbac—The bizarro Dilfer. Makes mistakes that cost you games.

1) Jamal Lewis—No running game, no Super Bowl.

To the Cincinnati Bengals—

Welcome back.

To the Indianapolis Colts—

At least you only play in Foxboro once a season. That makes six straight losses for Indy in that dump.

To the AFC West—

That’s not a misprint, the Chargers are on top in the division.

To the Denver Broncos—

Eddie “hands of stone” Kennison ain’t no Ed McCaffrey.

To the Washington Redskins—

From KC Chiefs fans, thank you-just what the doctor ordered.

To the NFL—

Why are the Dallas Cowboys on twice this season in prime time?

To the NFL—
Why are the Washington Redskins on three times in prime time this season?

To the NFL—

Why do you have the Redskins and the Cowboys playing each other on Monday Night Football?