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Chiefs Notes


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

WR Derrick Alexander practiced well on Friday and will be ready to go on Sunday. The hope is that he will be unrestricted in his snaps against the Redskins this weekend.

• • •

TE Tony Gonzalez gave the Chiefs a scare during Thursday’s practice. He smacked his forearm on a defender’s helmet and sat out the second half of practice. He also will be ready on Sunday.

• • •

According to of ESPN, the new sticking point between the Chiefs and WR Derrick Mayes is a guaranteed contract for the rest of the season. ESPN contends the Chiefs have some hesitation on this.

What? If that’s the case, it should be a done deal this weekend. A veteran league minimum contract guaranteed for 13 games? The Chiefs need depth at receiver and Mayes is a veteran that was with the team through training camp and the pre-season. Do the deal.

• • •

WR Snoop Minnis will be inactive this Sunday giving Chris Thomas the start opposite Derrick Alexander.

• • •

‘Skins head coach Marty Schottenheimer is getting roasted in the DC press for his nepotism and his old unproven KC coaches he dragged along with him to Washington. He is refusing to change. I’ve done it that way too long,” Schottenheimer told the Washington Post. “I know it works.”

Here’s a news flash—it hasn’t worked since 1997.

• • •

The Redskins have an aching starting defensive lineup. They will be missing two of their defensive stars for this week’s game.

Take notes there is a quiz later: Starting outside linebacker LaVar Arrington is out with a sprained MCL. Starting defensive end Marco Coleman (dislocated elbow) is also out. Rookie Antonio Pierce will replace Arrington and the ‘Skins will rotate Jerry DeLoach and Delbert Cowsette in on the defensive line after shifting Kenard Lang to end for Coleman.

• • •

Fantasy alert: Rookie ‘Skins LB Antonio Pierce may draw Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez at times. Big number possibility.