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Landmark Power Poll


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

The bad news for the Chiefs is that they are down to # 25 in the Power Poll. The good news is that they play our cellar dweller, the Washington Redskins.

The two rising stars of the poll—San Diego and Cincinnati will battle to see which team goes 3-0. The Baltimore Ravens dropped out of the top 10 and are looking for Trent Dilfer’s new phone number in Seattle.


1) 92 RAMS—Number 1 ‘til they lose.
2) 91 BRONCOS—Can score at will.
3) 91 COLTS—The ‘99 Rams.
4) 90 DOLPHINS—Jay Fiedler dives for the endzone—touchdown!
5) 89 PACKERS—Sleeper. RB Ahman Green could have a breakout season. (week one write up continues)
6) 89 SAINTS—Legitimate. Can they now handle the pressure of being a contender? (week one write up continues)
7) 89 RAIDERS—Damn Dolphins.
8) 88 JAGUARS—2-0!
9) 87 EAGLES—Aaah, Seattle is a good town.
10) 87 BUCCANEERS—Should have been beaten in week one.
11) 86 BENGALS—Chargers/Bengals undefeated.
12) 86 CHARGERS—Headed towards 5-0.
13) 86 GIANTS—Thanks Chiefs.
14) 86 RAVENS—Hey—can someone get Trent Dilfer on the phone?

15) 85 49ERS—Pretty good club.
16) 85 FALCONS—Forget Vick, the key here is Jamal Anderson.(week one write up continues)
17) 85 VIKINGS—Infighting.
18) 85 TITANS—0-2? What happened?
19) 84 PANTHERS—Rebuilding with a 29-year old rookie QB, and it is working.

20) 81 STEELERS—Bills just what the doctor ordered.

21) 81 JETS—Can we play the Patriots every week?
22) 81 BROWNS—Can we play the Lions every week?
23) 81 BEARS—Upset special.
24) 80 SEAHAWKS—ugh
25) 80 CHIEFS—3 points?

26) 78 LIONS—QB problems. (week one write up continues)
27) 78 CARDINALS—Dropping like a stone.
28) 78 BILLS—More QB problems. (week one write up continues)
29) 78 PATRIOTS—How does Belichick keep getting head coaching gigs? (week one write up continues)
30) 77 COWBOYS—Thanks Redskins.
31) 73 REDSKINS—This team sucks.

**Red number is the Landmark Power Poll’s exclusive team power rating**