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Landmark Power Poll


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

With each NFL week fans want to know how their team stacks up against the rest of the league. Everyone wants to know who’s the favorite and who’s the underdog. The best way to do this is assign each team a power rating and rank the teams in order of that rating. Never ones to be shy the Landmark’s staff is happy to provide this feature free of charge. Introducing the Landmark Power Poll, a weekly power rating system. This poll will be updated each week.

1) 91 TITANS—Few weaknesses. Wonder how last season’s playoffs turn out without Del Greco taking the gas pipe?
2) 90 RAMS—Still have Marshall Faulk and a healthy Kurt Warner. They still command respect, but if Warner goes down....
3) 90 BRONCOS—Offensive juggernaut, a few defensive questions.
4) 90 RAIDERS—This team is loaded, but no depth at QB.
5) 89 RAVENS—No Jamal Lewis, no Super Bowl.
6) 89 SAINTS—Legitimate. Can they now handle the pressure of being a contender?
7) 89 BUCCANEERS—The Johnson and Johnson show gets a bye week in Dallas for week one.
8) 88 EAGLES—McNabb is the real deal, but how healthy is Deuce?
9) 88 GIANTS—Mile High test for week one. Great run stopping defense.
10) 88 COLTS—They have the triplets, but the defense is suspect.
11) 87 VIKINGS—All offense, but shouldn’t matter in week one.
12) 87 DOLPHINS—Nine year opening day win streak in serious jeopardy.
13) 86 PACKERS—Sleeper. RB Ahman Green could have a breakout season.
14) 86 JETS—New coaches, new system, tough call.
15) 85 CHIEFS—The new and improved Chiefs face a tough week one test.
16) 85 STEELERS—After getting hosed by the refs in three games last season, think they care if they are locked out?
17) 85 JAGUARS—No depth, season could get ugly if injuries mount.
18) 84 SEAHAWKS—Is Hasselbeck for real? No cornerbacks healthy.
19) 84 49ERS—Hearst is back, but he must remain healthy.
20) 84 FALCONS—Forget Vick, the key here is Jamal Anderson.
21) 83 CHARGERS—Flutie gives this team at least 6 wins.
22) 83 REDSKINS—How long until Schottenheimer and Snyder are at each other’s throats?
23) 83 LIONS—QB problems.
24) 82 BILLS—More QB problems.
25) 82 PANTHERS—Rebuilding with a 28-year old rookie QB.
26) 81 PATRIOTS—How does Belichick keep getting head coaching gigs?
27) 80 BENGALS—Believe it or not—they are slightly improved.
28) 80 BROWNS—Ditto.
29) 80 CARDINALS—Guaranteed to be undefeated going into week two.
30) 80 BEARS—Does head coach Jauron last the season?
31) 78 COWBOYS—Quincy who?

**Red number is the Landmark Power Poll’s exclusive team power rating**