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Cheifs Chatter

Green experiences his first KC boos


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

It took one game, two quarters and 4 minutes and 54 seconds for the Arrowhead crowd to boo their new QB. The time on the clock read 10:06 in the third quarter, Chiefs QB Trent Green called a timeout to avoid a delay of game penalty and the crowd let him have it. The Chiefs were down only 10-0, but the fans had seen enough offensive ineptness to show their feelings.

After the timeout, Green dropped back, had some time, actually had one of his receivers get separation and delivered a strike for a 49-yard gain to Snoop Minnis. The boos turned to cheers.

• • •

Unfortunately, that was the lone offensive highlight of the game. Early on, the inexperienced WR corps could not find seams or gain separation and Trent Green had no success in completing passes. He began the game a paltry 2-8 for 25 yards and an interception in the Giants end zone.

It got a little better, but not much. The Giants had zero respect for the wideouts the Chiefs put on the field, concentrated on TE Tony Gonzalez with a zone coverage, and held the KC offensive offense in check most of the way.

It would be easy to place the blame on the inexperienced KC wide receivers but Green would have none of it. “I can’t complain about the way they played. Once again, put it on me.”

Green made several poor decisions; the most glaring on an interception in the end zone after a Ray Crockett interception gave the Chiefs excellent field position deep in Giants territory. The offense then moved the ball to the five yard line.

On second and goal to go Green dropped back, made his progression of reads, and tried to force a pass into TE Jason Dunn. It was an easy interception for Giants safety Shawn Williams. Green once again took full responsibility, “I tried to put the ball in the back of the endzone for Jason (Dunn) and it was a poor decision.”

No argument there.

• • •

On the other side, the Chiefs defense once again played well. They gave up only one touchdown, forced three turnovers by Kerry Collins, and held the Giants run game to only 2.9 yards per carry. They made good adjustments at the half and surrendered no second half points.

The Chiefs lost the time of possession battle for the second straight game, but improved losing only 32:30 to 27:30.

• • •

Turning point(s) of the game-

Green’s ill-advised end zone interception with the Chiefs down 3-0.

The decision to not attempt a 52-yard FG with the wind and losing 7 yards on 4th down.

• • •

Stats that matter-

Chiefs 3rd down conversion rate: 5-14 for 36%

Chiefs 4th down conversion rate: 0-1 0%

Chiefs 1st downs: A paltry 11.

Chiefs rushing attempts: A mere 20.

Chiefs yards per carry: A healthy 4.4.