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Take a memo


by C.K. Rairden
Landmark columnist

As the Chiefs/Giants game unfolded, I began to believe that I was going to run out of pages in my legal pad, as I jotted down memo after memo for the KC Chiefs and the fans. I whittled it down to the top 15.

Don’t think I forgot the rest of the league, we’ve got plenty of suggestions for them as well.

—A long list for the Kansas City Chiefs-

-The offense you are attempting to run will not work without offensive playmakers on the outside. Make some adjustments.

-If Todd Peterson is the answer, what’s the question?—Check that—that was from last week.

-If Todd Peterson can’t hit a 52-yard FG attempt with a stiff wind at his back, he can’t hit a 49-yard attempt into that stiff wind.

-Todd Peterson apparently has a range of 37 yards, meaning the Chiefs actually have to penetrate the opponents 20 to have an opportunity for 3 points. That’s not good enough.

-Stop being so stubborn, find Derrick Mayes’ phone number and use it.

-Stop being so stubborn, bring in some kickers now.

—To Chiefs QB Trent Green-

-Until this offense finds some playmakers, points will be at a premium, don’t force anything from the five-yard line. You were actually in Peterson’s range.

-Get used to the boos from the Arrowhead fans, they expect this to be turned around yesterday.

-When you run down the middle of the field, learn to slide.

—To Chiefs defensive coordinator Greg Robinson-

-You’ve earned your pay for the second straight game. Also—nice half time adjustments

—To Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders-

-Good luck.

—To Chiefs fans-

-Learn to say the word transition.

-If you had visions of playoffs forget it. This is a transition year.

-It’s going to take more than two games to turn around a program that was in serious decline. This is a transition year.

-In case you need it, this is from Webster‘s—transition (noun): passage from one state, stage, subject, or place to another.

—To the NFL-

-The 2001 Colts may be the '99 Rams. Their offense is unstoppable so far.

-The Dolphins defense is very good. No defensive TD’s to the Raiders.

-The Chargers have a legitimate shot at a 5-0 start. They are now 2-0 with Cincinnati, Cleveland and New England up next.

-The winner of the Chargers-Bengals game next week will be (gulp) 3-0.

-The Rams are now 2-0 and could just as easily be 0-2. Both were on the road. They are dangerous.

—To the Baltimore Ravens-

-That is the kind of play that you can expect from Elvis Grbac from time to time. But remember it’s not his fault. Just ask him.

—To the union refs-

-You blew a bunch of calls around the league today, do we now discuss bringing the replacement refs back?

-When you blow a call and go to the replay booth and look at it—views actually know that you blew it. Reverse the call when necessary.

—To the FOX broadcast team at KC-

-Great shot of the punch drunk Snoop Minnis after his 49-yard catch.

-Bill Maas—One John Madden is enough.

—To the American people-

-Never ever take your freedoms for granted—they have been paid for with the ultimate price many times before and it will continue as long as America expects to remain free.