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Cheifs Chatter

Special etiquette for this week's game


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

Fans want to know—what is the proper etiquette for this weekend’s games? How do I behave at the game, if I even go this weekend? Should I cheer? Is it OK to high-five on a great play? Can I still boo?

All legitimate questions, and although each person must do only what they are comfortable with, I will provide my guide to the answers to the questions that are running through everyone’s minds, and through my e-mail.

—Should I go?

This is a personal decision that one must make—but if you are not going to go and you already have tickets, give your tickets to someone who wants to. Freedom to assemble is very important and should not be squelched.

—Should I tailgate?

Unless it is being banned, then hell yes. Bring your grill throw some dead animal over the coals and grill it. Share your bounty with your parking lot neighbors. That is a big part of the American way, don’t allow anyone to take it from you.

—Should I have a beer before or during the game?

If you have a designated driver enjoy a fine American brew. Drink a toast to the dedicated men and women who are fighting the good fight in our military. Tip a cold one for the rescue workers, firemen and police officers that have worked so hard.

—What should I do during the National Anthem?

**Remove your hat, put your hand on your chest over your heart, sing the Anthem and thank God that you live in the greatest country ever.

—Can I high-five, stand and cheer wildly?

Of course. Enjoy the game without putting shackles on your spirit.

—Can I boo?

If you feel the need to, absolutely. As always, never get too belligerent, but let your emotions loose.

—Should I bring a flag and wave it?

Three foot by five foot maximum is allowed. If your love of Country drives you to this type of Patriotism—yes.

Always care for the American flag properly. See

• • •

It may be a little slow getting into the stadium with increased security. Have some patience; chat with your fellow fans. No lousy security jokes, no complaining. Use this game as you did in week one. Being a fan of your team.

**Arrowhead Stadium crowd: At the end of the National Anthem, forgo the familiar “the home of the Chiefs” and use the original line from our Anthem that means so much to so many right now.

The home of the brave.