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Landmark Power Poll


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Tennessee Titans topped our poll before week one, but played awful at home two weeks ago and have dropped all the way to number 8. The new king of the hill—the St. Louis Rams. The cellar also has a new occupant. The Marty Schottenheimer and the three stooges-led Washington Redskins.

1) 92 RAMS—Nice win in Philly—hey they played a little defense.
2) 91 BRONCOS—Losing McCaffery hurts.
3) 91 RAIDERS—Resilient win in KC.
4) 89 SAINTS—Legitimate. Can they now handle the pressure of being a contender? (week one write up continues)

5) 88 RAVENS—Elvis sure improved that stale offense quickly, a whopping 17 points.
6) 88 COLTS—Up from #10. Big time offense showed up in week 1.
7) 87 DOLPHINS—Was that Jay Fiedler or Dan Marino?
8) 87 TITANS—Game one was awful, it might actually help if McNair is out.
9) 87 PACKERS—Sleeper. RB Ahman Green could have a breakout season. (week one write up continues)
10) 87 EAGLES—The Rams were just too much.

11) 87 BUCCANEERS—Should have been beaten in week one.

12) 87 GIANTS—Tough loss in Denver.

13) 85 VIKINGS—It’s a good thing that the Titans were so poor in week one or the focus would be on the Vikings choke job.
14) 85 JAGUARS—Nice week one win.

15) 85 CHIEFS—Close, but no cigar—desperately need a win to avoid an 0-2 Arrowhead start.
16) 85 49ERS—Hearst is back, but he must remain healthy.
17) 84 CHARGERS—Thanks Redskins.
18) 83 PANTHERS—Rebuilding with a 29-year old rookie QB, and it is working.

19) 82 STEELERS—Ugh—three points?

20) 82 SEAHAWKS—Thrilling 9-6 win.

21) 82 FALCONS—Forget Vick, the key here is Jamal Anderson.(week one write up continues)
22) 81 JETS—Team is struggling.
23) 80 BENGALS—Believe it or not—they are slightly improved. (week one write up continues)

24) 80 LIONS—QB problems. (week one write up continues)

25) 80 BILLS—More QB problems. (week one write up continues)
26) 80 BROWNS—Almost pulled it off in week one—how about scoring a TD?
27) 80 CARDINALS—Guaranteed to be undefeated going into week two/three.(week one write up continues)
28) 80 BEARS—Does head coach Jauron last the season? (week one write up continues)
29) 80 PATRIOTS—How does Belichick keep getting head coaching gigs? (week one write up continues)
30) 79 COWBOYS—Thanks Redskins.
31) 77 REDSKINS—Way to hold that QB controversy off for two and a half quarters.

**Red number is the Landmark Power Poll’s exclusive team power rating**