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Chiefs dominate both sides of the ball

Huard hushes critics with strong play

Posted 10/3/06

by Eric Lewis of The Landmark staff

•The Chiefs stomped the 49ers this past Sunday with a 41-0 shutout in front of a sold out Arrowhead, leaving everyone with one thought on their minds: this season is far from over. With the Chiefs coming off a disappointing loss to the Broncos, and the fear of a 0-3 start looming over their heads, the chiefs had a must win, and boy did they win big.

•The Chiefs showed complete mental and physical dominance on both sides of the ball. The 49’s coming into the game had a sure game plan to stop L.J and force the not so experienced Huard into making some plays downfield, and Huard did just did that.

•On Sunday’s first drive I was in complete awe of the throws and plays Huard was making. His 208 yards passing and 2 TD’s proved to everyone he is capable of leading this team until Green’s return. Huard was making great throws downfield and drove the team all the way down for the first Dante Hall TD reception of the year. A perfect wheel route in the right side of the endzone was placed perfectly by Huard.

•Huard, a career backup for many top NFL QB’s, was the best scout team QB at New England when it came to practicing for upcoming games against the Indianapolis Colts. And who was he supposed to scout as? That’s right MVP QB Peyton Manning. In yesterdays game you could see some of those abilities shine.

•Having a mistake-free day Huard was able to lead the Chiefs offence to 333 total yards and 41 relentless points punishing the 49’ers defense.

•As far as our big boys on the line, this week was something special. With Turley out with a strained back, the worry was the pass protection would struggle.

•They not only held the 49ers who had 12 sacks on the season already, from getting Huard even a little bit dirty. They also opened up passing lanes you could drive a truck through. And for any QB that’s going to open up their downfield vision and make for better throws. Jordan Black came into the game for Turley’s spot at LT and had a solid day. Kevin Sampson at the RT spot as well had a great day protecting Huard from the outside pass rush. As for the inside 3 Wiegman, Shields, and Waters it was just another day at work. They pulled and opened up holes all day despite the 49’ers keying on LJ with 8 or 9 guys stacked at the line of scrimmage. And LJ yet again got his 100 yards with 30 carries for 101 on the day.

•Michael Bennett out with a sore hamstring didn’t give the Chiefs their one two punch of speed and power they were wanting. Dee Brown stepped up to give LJ some breathers.

•The receivers all day were making great catches. Kennison had 6 catches for 86 yards and one TD. Gonzalez was finding ways to get open and also made some impressive grabs. If they can continue to find the ball downfield, Huard will have no problem keeping his numbers up, and with receivers actually fighting to get the ball for once, his opportunity to throw interceptions will be minimal.

•The X-factor Dante Hall showed up Sunday and torched the 49ers punt team with a 60-yard punt return putting him third all time in returns. With his TD reception as well, Hall showed he can be used at both receiver and return man.

•The defense. What positive things can you not say about their performance on Sunday’s game? The Chiefs defense was in complete control of the 49’ers efforts to move the ball down the field from the very first snap.

•The Chiefs D is back; their 4 turnovers and only 165 yards total on the day fired up the crowd and stopped all negative talk on our personnel. They sacked the scrambling Alex Smith 5 times, and forced the young QB to run scared.

• Everyone on the D was making plays, something that has been needed all year long. Every time the ball was snapped KC had 2 or three guys there making the play.

•Huge plays from KC's first round draft pick Tamba Hali, with mom and family in the stands for the first time ever. Gave the newly-acquired Chiefs fans something to cheer about. Being new to the game of football the cheering of the fans, loud music and constant jumping up and down was I'm sure awe inspiring to the Hali family.. Hali came into the game fired up and forced a fumble on the first drive. We can only expect this young man to get even better as the year goes on; a great pick from the Chiefs staff is proving to be a solid piece to this new Chiefs D.

• Big plays from linebacker Derrick Johnson in one of the best days of his career. Was able to spy QB Alex Smith and make huge hits forcing RB Frank Gore to fumble. His solid play made it almost impossible for the 49’ers to make plays on the outside.
•The Defense altogether was great; the pass coverage was one of the best I’ve seen in the past few years. They forced 2 interceptions and kept Smith from finding too many options downfield.
They can only get stronger and play harder as the year continues. I see this defensive play as a growing trend for the rest of the season. We have the personal on the field and in the booth to do it. Everyone making plays and smacking the opponents in the mouth will be expected every week. Like I said before, KC has the making of one of the best defenses in the league.

•Green on the sidelines suggesting plays gave the team a sense of completion. With their veteran leader on the sidelines, you could tell the team came in with a swagger. And Green has that type of presence for this team. A much needed boost to a team on the rebound.

• Local boy, un-drafted free agent Steve Williams from Northwest Missouri State, got his chance Sunday to throw on that beautiful red yellow and white uniform. And show the organization that it doesn’t matter where you come from or how small the school. Coming from a Division 2 school, I'm sure the size and speed of the game was jaw-dropping. His tackle on RB Michael Robinson was his first in his NFL debu, and gave the young man something to smile about. His hard work and determination got him there. And for Coach Herm Edwards, I applaud his taking a chance on the young man.

• In Edwards' first win for the Chiefs, he did a heck of a job managing the game, and firing up his boys on the sidelines. So far Edwards scheme of revamping the defense and getting players to make big plays has slowly emerged. Coming off this week's win KC will face the Arizona Cardinals. With this kind of dominant Chiefs football I see the ream rolling on to a 2-2 record with yet another huge victory over the Cardinals. Now that Huard has proven he can make plays downfield, the passing game is still a solid option. And with a RB like LJ leading the way, KC's offense is no longer one-sided. The defense will only continue to get even better. And this season will not turn out as horrible as some thought on that dreadful day Green was taken out of the game.

•Catch the action Sunday October 8th at 3:05 on CBS! The Chiefs face the Arizona Cardinals in Arizona.

(Eric Lewis provides Chiefs' commentary for The Landmark. Reach him at Platte County's most powerful newspaper by emailing