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Play action should be KC's best friend

Where was it on Sunday at Denver? Find it against San Fran

Posted 9/21/06

by Eric Lewis of The Landmark staff

•Despite not having Trent Green, Edwards’s offensive approach to Sunday’s, 9-6 heartbreaker to the Denver Broncos was excellent. The Chiefs first drive was exactly how I saw it going, give L.J and Michael Bennett the ball, to tire out the relentless speed of that Denver D. L.J’s 27 rushes for 126 yards where hard earned. His relentless ability to overcome fatigue after running and catching the ball two consecutive plays. Showed to everyone that this kid can handle the pressure of being the Chiefs go to guy on offense. They chewed off the clock, and if it were not for the L.J fumble in the red zone, a rare happening at that, the first drive would have no doubt been for 6.

•Since Green was not playing and the not so experienced Huard was at the realm, Edwards took fewer chances, which led to field goals or loss of possessions. Too many lost chances in Sunday’s game showed me his lack of faith in the play-making bility that I feel can be made.

•I don’t think Huard is any where near the caliber of Trent Green, but he is the guy taking the snaps now. And as a coach, Edwards should have put more faith in his ability and not be so afraid to let him make some plays. If he wants to win out the next few games until Green’s return, let Huard throw some balls deep, keep the defense honest. Since it's not obvious the offense is very one sided at the moment.

-The running game was phenomenal with the one two punch of L.J and Bennett proved to be affective. Even with Denver expecting such a scheme. The run blocking from the line looked like the good ol' days. Guards pulling left and right. Double tight end sets to power L.J off the edge. This is something the Chiefs will have to capitalize on in order to bounce back from a 0-2 start.

-With such a solid running game, a decent passing game should emerge. Such strong play from the backs will force the defense to put 8 or 9 guys in the box to try and handle the power of the Chiefs running attack. This will free up receivers down field and let's not forget about future Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez, who only caught two passes on Sunday. The play action pass will be KC's best friend in the upcoming games.

-Huard showed a strong arm on Sunday’s game and with the defense playing soft to handle the run. He could make some big throws downfield against a shaky San Francisco secondary.
Also this is giving rookie QB Brodie Croyle an opportunity to show Edwards and the Chiefs just what he’s made off. I have followed Coyle’s career at Alabama and I like what I see from him. If he indeed is the future of this franchise this is his chance to shine as the definite number two guy behind Huard. And with Edwards taking a liking to the young QB, we may see more of him if Huard cant make any plays.

-As far as the defense goes, I applaud the entire unit for such relentless hard-nosed football. Everyone was making big plays, holding Tatum Bell to just 69 yards. Greg Wesley picked off Plummer, who only threw for 173 yards, in a huge defensive stand. The defense came up big every time, and with great kicks from Dustin Colquitt the Broncos were denied heavily throughout the game.

-The defense really stepped it up, something Edwards was wanting since the first day he arrived. They were hurting the Broncos, flying to the ball and not giving up any big plays, something the Chiefs' defense has not been used to in the past.

•With the bye week, KC will have a chance to rest and recover from the anguish of the past two weeks. Now they can reflect on what they have accomplished despite their losses, and build off any mistakes that were made in the first part of the season. Also it gives Trent Green some more time to recover from his injury. Green now undergoing neurological tests will be recovering in baby steps.

•If the defense can keep it up and continue its strong play, we could easily be one of the tope defenses in the league. Once again I might just be dreaming, but I think we have the players to do it, and now they seem to have the will. Chiefs fan I can’t think this season is over with a 0-2 record and the loss of our all-pro QB. There is still a chance of us pushing into the post season.

-So if the offense can hold it together, continue running the ball well, and try and open up some kind of passing game. Maybe we could win out until Green’s highly anticipated return, which will hopefully send an emotional charge to the Chiefs players into a playoff run.

-Catch the action Sunday, Oct. 1, 12:00 noon on Fox. Chiefs vs. 49ers!

(Eric Lewis provides Chiefs' commentary for The Landmark. Reach him at Platte County's most powerful newspaper by emailing