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New era off to bad start

Green injured; Edwards' game management skills obviously shaky

Posted 9/12/06

by Eric Lewis of The Landmark staff

- Trent Green sustained a very severe concussion from a viscous hit that slammed Green’s head into the ground. Cincinnati’s Robert Geathers was the one that delivered the cheap shot. The Two-time Pro-bowler and core of the Chiefs offence is listed as questionable for the next 2 games. This is a devastating loss to the Chiefs and the Edwards era.

- In my opinion it was a cheap shot and Geathers should pay a fine for his actions. When a QB goes down feet first, the defensive player is suppose to back off. The officials claim that Kennison had pushed him into Green’s path, yet everyone saw Geathers lay his shoulder into Green’s helmet. My prayers go out to Trent Green and his family, a torn muscle or broken bone can be fixed, but the human brain is too delicate to suffer such a blow.

- Losing Green is as devastating loss to the Chiefs and will prove to be a true struggle for the organization to come back and try and find some kind of positive outlook for this season. Journeyman Damon Huard, who until Sunday had not completed a pass in the NFL since 2000, will now take the reigns. He in my opinion is not a proven veteran worthy of starting for any team. His unsuccessful career in the NFL will only anchor the Chiefs attempt to salvage what’s left of the 06 season.

- What Edwards needs to do is give the ball to L.J and Michael Bennett at least 40 times a game. Even though L.J was held under 100 yards this weekend and his streak broken, he had some decent runs. And KC's offensive line which couldn’t pass block any better than the local high schools did show some skill at giving L.J some room to work with. After Green’s injury, Cinci knew that all KC had was L.J, so they stacked 9 guys in the box to stop the run. This is where the play action is a beautiful thing. But somehow the Chiefs could not recognize this and tried to desperately throw Huard into a comeback mode without even setting a tone.

- On a good note the Chiefs held the Bengals to under 300 total yards. The front four showed dominating potential when it came to pass rush and stopping Rudi Johnson. The Jared Allen sack that caused the Carson Palmer fumble really fired up the sidelines. The Chiefs are going to need this kind of big play action if they have any hope in winning the next few games.

- Sammy Knight was taken out of the action early in the game and replaced by late round draft pick Jarred Page. Page made some solid tackles and didn’t give up any big plays in the secondary. Who knows if this is permanent or not but I like the look Page gives the Chiefs defense. He shows a good nose for the ball and great speed, something I think Knight has lost in the past few years.

- Miscommunication, bad calling, and lack of enthusiasm is all I saw from the new Chiefs personnel. The very first drive in which the Chiefs had to settle for a field goal was said to be because of confusion in the booth from Chiefs new offensive coordinator Mike Solari. He thought it was second down, when in reality it was third down. So a dive play to L.J that was stuffed in the backfield just showed how shaky Edwards' game management skills are. If you are the head coach and you know you are in the red zone on your first drive of the season opener. Weapons like Tony Gonzalez should ring a bell. And when the call comes down from the booth for a run play out of a passing formation, there should be a need for a timeout to clear up any confusion. But instead he let the play call stand and the three points that followed was the result. The Chiefs are always dangerous in the redone, or at least they were. Maybe we are just going to have to face the facts that the Chiefs of old, our beloved high scoring, and high-energy offense are in a rebuilding phase.

- As far as Denver goes, I truly hope the team rallies around Huard as much as possible…if at all possible. Our one-dimensional offence will have to make some big plays if our days of losing at Mile High are going to be at an end.

- The Chiefs hopefully should be so fired up over their loss that they go into Denver and dominate. Defense flying to the ball causing turnovers. The offense pounding the ball on the ground, old-fashioned football if you will, I’m probably just dreaming, but if Huard can manage the game with a few dump offs, some out routes to Kennison and gives the ball to L.J with a mistake free day. Maybe, just maybe, KC can come out next Sunday with a victory.

- The action is on Sunday, September 17th at 3:15 PM. On CBS! Chiefs vs. Broncos!

(Eric Lewis provides Chiefs' commentary for The Landmark. Reach him at Platte County's most powerful newspaper by emailing