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Chiefs' defense shows potential

And Webb, Croyle could be factors in the future

Posted 9/1/06

by Eric Lewis of The Landmark staff

In the fourth and final pre season game the Chiefs' defense actually showed some promise in a 10-9 victory at Arrowhead over New Orleans.

On the first offensive play for the Saints, the former heisman trophy winner Reggie Bush was met by Jarred Allen and stuffed for negative yards. Just a few plays later, Reggie was hammered by Gregg Wesley a wake-up call not just to the NFL but also to the punishment the Chiefs defense is capable of.

The Chiefs seemed to show strong play, which one would think can only get better as the season continues. On the other hand, I have yet to see a definite team leader emerge which is essential to a dominant defense.

Some of the younger players like Bernard Pollard and Keyaron Fox have stepped up and made some huge plays that can only mean a bright future for the Chiefs. I think we will see more four linebacker sets on defense due to the team's strong depth at the linebacker position.

•On the offensive side of the ball, Michael Bennett a former pro bowler, proved to be a great pre season pick up. His speed and versatility will give the Chiefs' running game another look, a two headed beast if you will. With the power of L.J and the speed of Bennett, the Chiefs' running game will be a force to be reckoned with.

•As far as the depth goes at receiver, I have had some doubts, but last night a young man by the name of Jeff Webb showed up with something to prove to the coaches. . .that he can make some plays. His one- handed snag showed the capabilities this young man has to be a deep threat guy, something the Chiefs have been needing with the aging Kennison and the yet proven Samie Parker. Webb could be someone to keep an eye on this year.

•The third round draft pick quarterback Brodie Croyle looks to be improving on his pocket presence and delivery. He made some very accurate throws, displaying a strong NFL- caliber arm. He also made a great scramble for a first down try in which he laid out completely and just missed the line by inches. But this kind of play shows that he has a desire to make plays. If he can keep this up and mold behind one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Trent Green, Croyle could very well be the future of this franchise.

•On the whole, I give the Chiefs performance a B-. The defense did step it up on a goal line stand in the fourth quarter, which fired up the sidelines. The interception from Kris Griffin sealed the deal. And a smile from Gunther Cunningham in the booth showed his satisfaction.
The offense, despite not putting up more points, showed some progress, the shaky offensive line I think is still an issue. The hope is that some of the these guys like Kyle Turley, a player that has not seen too much NFL action lately, will be able to step up and make some plays for our dominate backfield.

•Let's get ready for some football. The season opener against the scrappy Cincinnati Bengals, a promised playoff caliber team will be a huge test for the Chiefs on Sunday Sept. 10th at 12 noon on CBS.

(Eric Lewis provides Chiefs' commentary for The Landmark. Reach him at Platte County's most powerful newspaper by emailing