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Green has snapped out of early season slump

For the fourth straight game, Chiefs QB posts outstanding numbers

Posted 11/10/03

Sure the Chiefs looked rusty to start the game. The first offensive series was three straight pass attempts, with two incompletions and a sack. The defense was a bit better holding the Browns to only a long filed goal despite premium field position.

The Chiefs second offensive series started poorly also—with Trent Green getting pressure and dumping off a pass to G Brian Waters. That would have resulted in an illegal touching penalty against the Chiefs.

But then everything changed. Waters was cheap-shotted by a late hit and the Chiefs took those 15 yards and decided it was time to turn to Priest Holmes. Holmes handled the ball for 7 of the next 8 plays with the last one resulting in a 1-yard plunge for a TD. The Chiefs would never trail again in the game.

Once the rust was off, this team showed that the Arrowhead mystique has returned. They have now won 10 straight at home—and are the best team in the NFL at 9-0.

Notes are at the ready from the memo pad.


—The late hit by Cleveland DT Gerard Warren against Chiefs G Brian Waters seemed to snap the team out of its “first game back from a bye week” slumber.

—Chiefs QB Trent Green has really snapped out of his early season slump. His last four games have him showing why he is the best QB to run this offense.


Versus the Browns— 42 29 368 3 0 119.9

Versus the Bills — 35 20 273 2 0 101.2

Versus the Raiders— 22 11 206 0 1 63.8

Versus the Packers 45 27 400 3 0 111.3

That’s 87 of 144 for 1244 yards with 8 TD’s an only one interception.

—If you are a fan of the NFL QB rating system, that gives green a 104.1 rating in those games with a 60% completion ratio.

—The Chiefs are the best blocking team in the NFL, including their QB.

—That said, one block by Gary Stills would have resulted in history being made as he ran right by Browns rookie safety Chris Crocker who would eventually tackle Dante Hall and stop him at the 16-yard line during Hall’s second quarter electrifying 77-yard kick off return.

—One block and that would have been Hall’s fifth return TD, which has never been done before in NFL history.

—Please someone, teach William Bartee to use his neck and turn his head and look for the ball. He couldn’t do it on pass coverage and apparently can’t do it on punts either.

—Odd stat of the day. The Chiefs had one “official punt return” for the game. It was by William Bartee for zero yards, and a fumble.

—It was good to see Marc Boerigter get involved with a couple of catches for 45 yards.

—Priest Holmes can really spoil an NFL fan. After nine games he has 1257 total yards and 14 TD’s. Not bad for a guy who some said before the season would never play in the NFL again.

—The Chiefs again were efficient on third down finishing 12 of 16 for a 75% clip.

—And the red zone TD percentage continues at a high clip—3 of 5 for 60%.


Next week’s game at Cincinnati is dangerous. It’s not even close to an automatic win. The Bengals are hot, winning three straight home games, while averaging 31 points in those wins.

They are a respectable 4-5 overall and head coach Marvin Lewis has the Bengals believing in themselves. But one thing the Chiefs players and coaching staff has yet to do is look past any team.

Don’t expect a letdown here, but expect some very big surprises from a Bengal team that will be looking for a .500 record by knocking off the only undefeated team in the NFL.

(CK Rairden, formerly of Platte County, writes from his home in Arizona. He can be reached via email at