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Impressive win lifts Chiefs to 8-0

KC slaps Buffalo silly in Sunday Nighter at Arrowhead

Posted 10/27/03

After last week’s gut wrenching win over the Raiders fans and pundits alike complained that the Chiefs didn’t win “big” enough over the Raiders.

It’s hard to understand that—as the Chiefs win had them at 7-0 and leading the AFC West. And the team had just won on Monday Night Football, on the road. On Sunday night, the Chiefs left little doubt to anyone who is the most complete team in the NFL for the first half of the 2003 season. After a shaky start that included a dropped pass by Eddie Kennison, that led to a blown special teams assignment that led to a blocked punt out of the end zone for a safety that gave the Bills a 2-0 lead, the defense sprang to life. Shutting down the Bills despite the Bills premium field position, the defense frustrated the Bills.

Then Trent Green showed why he is the absolute best QB to run this particular offense. He was a sharp as he’s ever been in the first half—and this team dominated the Bills building a 28-5 halftime lead.

On national TV.

It’s only one half of a season, but your Kansas City Chiefs is head and shoulders above the rest of the league—and—shhhhh, don’t jinx it, but the last three teams to start the season 8-0 have won the Super Bowl.


—The first entry on the memo pad is simple—as Chiefs fans, enjoy this. Sure sometimes the team will win 17-10, and other times they will win 38-5. The NFL is brutal—and the Chiefs are the best team in the league for the first time in memory.

—The defense was stellar in the first quarter as the Bills’ starting field position was near midfield and the Bills couldn’t score.

—Al Saunders worked in a nifty no huddle offense also in the first quarter that created more confusion for Buffalo’s defense. Result, a 67-yard TD pass from Trent Green to Dante Hall.

—They followed that with three more TD’s and this game was over at halftime. This week the Chiefs delivered a knock out punch early.

—Trent Green was as sharp as he has ever been as a Chief through the first two quarters.

—He passes, he runs, he blocks. A gutsy QB who is not perfect, but is a leader and has grown into a winner.

—CB Dexter McCleon is a ball hawk. Another game where he had two big takeaways. He is playing like a Pro Bowl CB. That gives him seven takeaways in eight games.

—The laughable talk of Priest Homes demise was a bit premature. He’s on pace for over 2200 total yards and 24 TD’s.


Memo pad questions…

—Seven takeaways?

—A 49-yard FG by Morten Anderson?

—A Trent Green decleater block?

—Is this offensive line really the best in the league?

—An interception by Ryan Sims?

—Is the Arrowhead mystique really back?

—Into the bye week with the exact number of victories from last season?

—Third-year Dick Vermeil magic?

—An incredibly improved Eric Warfield with two more interceptions?

—Role players and superstars playing together and having fun?

—An 8-0 record?

—The answers to all the questions—a resounding——Yes.


For one half of one tough NFL season, for Chiefs fans and this remarkable Chiefs football team—this is as good as it gets. This team has now proven it can beat teams in so many different ways. On the arm of their QB, or with the legs of RB Priest Holmes. With a dominant offensive line. With a solid receiving corps. With brand new NFL superstar Dante Hall’s backbreaking return game. With an opportunistic defense that makes crucial stops at crucial times and can take the ball away at any time.

The team has taken on the personality of their ageless head coach. They are having fun and winning games. It’s now obvious this is no fluke—they believe. The energy level is almost always at an unbelievable high.

The home field advantage that slipped away is back. The questions are answered for the first half of the season.

Yes the NFL has taken notice—the 2003 Chiefs are for real.

(CK Rairden, formerly of Platte County, writes from his home in Arizona. He can be reached via email at