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Trent Green shows moxie

Posted 10-13-03

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

It’s getting difficult to not call the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs a team of destiny.

Trailing 31-14 entering the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field is an automatic loss for any other team in the league. But this Chiefs team refuses to quit. Ever. They have taken on the personality of their never-say-die QB Trent Green, and after six weeks are unquestionably the best team in the NFL. All they did Sunday was stroll into Lambeau, sleepwalk through three quarters, then shift gears and dominate the Green Bay Packers in their own crib throughout the fourth quarter and in overtime.

Trent Green outplayed Brett Favre, who was unstoppable for three quarters.


But while Favre struggled in the fourth quarter, Green dominated. Green proved all the critics wrong on Sunday—proving that if he needs to, he can put an offense on his back and carry them.

While Favre went 4 of 8 for a mere 18 yards and a huge interception that was returned for a touchdown in the fourth quarter, Green put up some pretty impressive numbers. Including the overtime period, he led the Chiefs to 26 points, with a 10 of 18 passing for 210 yards and the game winning TD. Brett Favre is one of the toughest, gutsiest QB’s in the NFL.
Green may not match Favre in arm strength, but the Chiefs QB definitely is just as tough and just as resilient.

Trent Green has moxie, and he proved that on Sunday.


This game drained everyone who watched it, and the memo pad is packed.

—The “X-Man” Johnnie Morton saved this game with his first half performance. He abused and owned Packers CB Al Harris and was the main reason the Chiefs didn’t falter after falling behind 14-0.

—Tony Gonzalez redeemed himself, but he dropped three sure first down passes early in the game, and a sure catch on the one-yard line at the end of the fourth quarter.

—The Chiefs, for the second straight week squandered excellent field position on their first possession.


—The reason, Al Saunders once again forgot that he had a superstar at RB and tried to get too “cute” with his play calling.

—Priest Holmes needs more offensive touches.

—An exact memo from last week “—For this offense to be successful, it doesn’t have to be cute. Get Priest Holmes the damn ball.”


—Saunders finally seemed to realize that in the overtime period giving Holmes the ball for 9 straight times on the first drive. He should have made it 10.

—Priest Holmes is still an offensive superstar. Holmes had less than 30 touches again, but still managed 140 total yards and a TD, on 22 carries and 6 catches.

—Even though he didn’t score a TD for the first time in four weeks, Dante Hall was still a force. His 32-yard punt return to start the fourth quarter set the stage for this miraculous comeback.

—For those of you who forgot—Eddie Kennison is still a burner.

—Safety Jerome Woods, for the second time this year, was in the right place at the right time—and his fourth quarter TD seemed to give a tired defense a second wind. They gave up only three points from that point on and forced the huge turnover in the overtime period.

—K Morten Anderson is money from 40 yards in. But from 48—well you saw the results.

—Saunders decision to go straight for the TD with Green to Kennison was brilliant. A perfect play call, a perfect route, a perfect pass, a perfect ending.


A loss in Green Bay would not have been a disaster. The Packers were on fire and had turned things around from their early slump. But this Chiefs’ team would not quit, would not fold and would not lose.

Moxie, swagger, guts, you name it—this team has it. Right now—after six weeks, this is the NFL’s number one team. They face a wounded, slumping Raiders team next week in Oakland. Add to that the fact that it is a prime time Monday Night Football contest and it’s a dangerous game.

But it’s hard to imagine the 2003 Kansas City Chiefs with their blue-collar “gotta go to work” motto underestimating anyone.


(CK Rairden can be reached by email at