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Chiefs developing a bit of a swagger

Posted 9-22-03

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

The Chiefs are beginning to develop a bit of attitude. A little swagger. The confidence is there, even a little cockiness. Sure it was the second year expansion Houston Texans that they lit up on Sunday, but it was on the road, where the Chiefs have been miserable for the last few years.

A fine example was WR Eddie Kennison, who had been locked in battle with Texans All-Pro CB Aaron Glenn and had beat him for key first down catches and scored a third quarter TD. Glenn was clearly frustrated towards the end of the game but no way was Eddie Kennison going to allow Glenn to take it out on him, even drawing an unnecessary roughness penalty on Glenn early in the fourth quarter. That attitude will be needed in another road game next week, as the Baltimore Ravens have suddenly become a formidable opponent that has won two straight games to increase their record to 2-1. But the Chiefs are 3-0 for the first time since 1996 and the memo pad is full, for Chiefs fans—it’s a reason to celebrate.


—With the score tied 7-7, the Chiefs used that attitude to drive 69 yards on 14 plays and take a touchdown lead going in at the half.

—If there was ever any doubt of Ryan Sims contribution it was erased on the Texans second quarter scoring drive. Eddie Freeman saw his first action of the season and was abused. Houston ran the ball at will until Sims returned midway through the drive.

—QB Trent Green has really learned to move well in the pocket. His movement and patience was key on the first scoring drive.

—He moved in the pocket and stayed alive long enough to hit a wide-open Holmes for a key 31-yard completion.

—The next play Holmes showed his patience waiting on a key FB Tony Richardson block before scoring on a 6-yard TD.

—It was nice to see Holmes feeling good enough to bring back his trademark arms wide open slide on his first TD.

—It looks as if Eddie Kennison and Dante Hall have no trouble borrowing the TD celebration—it may be the new Chiefs new TD celebration.

—Big Play Dante. Enough said.

—Dropped pass count—five. Gonzo dropped a TD pass. Hall, Richardson, Holmes and Morten all dropped easy catches as well.

—I took heat for my Dexter McCleon #1 CB comment last week. I don’t expect much this week. He has been far better than advertised, and he comes with attitude and emotion and can turn his head and look for the ball. Refreshing.

—McCleon’s third quarter interception came as the Texans were driving for a possible tying score as the Chiefs only led 14-7 at the time. He was in perfect position and made a great play on the ball.

—On the very next offensive series by the Texans, McCleon recovered a fumble caused by S Jerome Woods. Two takeaways by the Chiefs new # 1 CB.

—Now if Dexter could only teach Eric Warfield to turn his head around, the Chiefs corners may become a liability no more.

—Yes fantasy geeks; starting the Chiefs defense is a good idea.


This one became the Hall and Holmes show on offense for the second straight week. Priest Holmes played but three quarters and still finished with 156 total yards and two TD’s. Big Play—Dante did it again, scoring on a 73-yard punt return and racking up 174 all-purpose yards.

They’ll need them again next week as even though the once dominating Ravens defense has lost some of it’s luster, they still can bring some hard-hitting defenders. RB Priest Holmes may have a bit of a chip on his shoulder, as the Ravens were the team that was foolish enough to release him.

The revamped defense did its thing again causing four turnovers, and dominating up front. The defensive line is nasty and the linebackers’ speed is fun to watch. Now the test will be to stop red-hot RB Jamal Lewis in Baltimore next week. The Ravens have no passing game, and this could be a moment to shine for the defensive line to prove to any remaining skeptics that the Chiefs front seven is for real.

The first real road test is next Sunday.

(CK Rairden can be reached by email at