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Take a Memo

Maybe the Arrowhead mystique is back

Posted 9-08-03

by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

With 4:25 left in the second quarter, this one was over. The Chiefs dominated and embarrassed the San Diego Chargers in every facet of the game and had mounted a 24-0 lead.

Priest Holmes silenced the critics. The “X-Man” Johnny Morten showed that he will be a part of this offense this season. The defensive front seven created havoc and brand new Chiefs defensive end Vonnie Holliday introduced himself to Chargers QB Drew Brees.

Three times.

For those reviewing the Take-A-Memo format for the first time, this is how it works. CK takes down observation on his legendary memo pad as the game progresses and delivers them in a quick hitting bullet column.

The thoughts for week one are on the memo pad—enjoy.


—The Chiefs first five possessions on offense. Touchdown Priest Holmes. Punt. Touchdown Priest Holmes. Touchdown Johnnie Morton. FG Morten Andersen.

—The Chiefs first five defensive efforts. Chargers punt. Interception by Greg Wesley. Chargers punt. Chargers punt. Chargers punt.

—Game over.

—Crow is now being served to those who doubted the honesty, courage and tenacity of Priest Holmes.

—It should go down easy for the plump KC Star columnist who wrote in July, “But if I had to bet, I’d wager that [Priest Holmes is] done. No more Pro Bowls. No more 1,000-yard seasons. No more Priest Holmes.”

—I guess one should consider the source on these things.

—Although he shouldn’t do it, I never tire of watching QB Trent Green lower his head for that extra yard as he did in the second quarter to set up the Morten Andersen 42-yard FG. I love this guy’s toughness and leadership.

—Ryan Sims sure doesn’t look like he is playing in only his seventh NFL game. He’s got a big chip on his shoulder and feels he has something to prove. If the pre-season and this game are any indication—he is proving it.

—CB Dexter McCleon welcome to the starting lineup. William Bartee, once you are healthy enough—welcome to the nickel package.

—Trent Green had 21 completions to eight different receivers. That’s the way this offense is designed to work.

—And kudos to the architect of this week’s offensive game plan, offensive coordinator Al Saunders. His multiple formations and motion on offense blew the young San Diego defenders away.

—For those who have yet to take notice, the front seven of this defense are quick, mean and nasty. Even with the questions in the secondary, if the guys up front remain healthy—this will not be last year’s 32 defense.

—That was never more evident than with a little over 9 minutes left to go into the game when San Diego had recovered a Trent Green fumble and were on the Chiefs 14-yard line with a third and one looking to score.

—On the third down play by the Chargers, RB LaDainian Tomlinson carried off right tackle where he was swarmed under by a host of Chiefs for no gain.

—The Chargers had no choice but to go for it on 4th and 1 and in true Marty Schottenheimer fashion ran nearly the same play. Tomlinson lost yardage on that one.

—That brought back memories of the mid-nineties dominant defensive front line.

—Priest Holmes had runs of 27 and 14 yards called back because of penalties. He still managed 85 yards on the ground and 98 receiving yards to go along with two touchdowns.

—Looks as if that signing bonus/ contract extension was worth it.


This game was as dominating in the first half on both sides of the ball that has been witnessed at Arrowhead in a long time for the home team. It allowed the Chiefs to coast through the second half and they probably will need it as the Pittsburgh Steelers rolled over the Baltimore Ravens and are in next week and they bring a bit more to the table than the Chargers.

Unless of course this Kansas City Chiefs team shows up, then it’s not going to matter who comes to Arrowhead. If this kind of play continues or even a reasonable facsimile of it—

Maybe, just maybe, the Arrowhead mystique is back.



(CK Rairden can be reached by email at