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Cheifs Chatter

'Can I quote you on that?'


by CK Rairden
Landmark columnist

A new feature on Chiefs Chatter will be “Can I quote you on that?” Check in every week to see what the Chiefs opponents are saying about the upcoming game and any quotes that qualify as bulletin board material.

•“(Chiefs CB Ray) Crockett’s a good bump-and-run, man-to-man guy, I’m sure he’s going to play a lot of that. He may follow me the whole day. If they do that, that means they put (Chiefs CB Eric) Warfield on Jerry Rice.’’ Brown pauses then smiles. “So they may change that up after a couple plays.”
Raiders’ WR Tim Brown, Mercury News.
CK: Bulletin board material for not only Warfield, but also the entire Chiefs secondary. Brown seems to hold little respect for Warfield.

•“Well, we’re not going to call any plays that he doesn’t know; you know what I mean? It’s a guy that has as much experience as any guy, maybe ever. He’s going to play a lot. It’ll be a test for him and his stamina.”
Raiders head coach Jon Gruden on what he was expecting out of Rice in Game 1vs. KC, Mercury News.
CK: Is Gruden blowing smoke? Don’t bet on it—he sees a perceived weakness in the Chiefs defense and aims to exploit it.

•“We know that every game against (the Chiefs) is going to be close, it’s just the way these games work out. That’s why it is so critical that we don’t make any mistakes. It’s usually a matter of who makes the fewest mistakes wins the game.”
Raiders OT Lincoln Kennedy, Contra Costa Times
With a last name like Kennedy he has the political rhetoric down pat.

•“I know I started out slow and really struggled before that game, that kick lifted my confidence a lot.”
Raiders K Sebastian Janikowski on his game winning kick last season at Arrowhead. Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

•“I don’t want to kick a field goal again, I’d rather we score and win the game by 21 points.
Sebastian Janikowski, Santa Rosa Press-Democrat

•“There’s no way we shouldn’t expect to go to the Super Bowl, that’s why we’re in here working like an expansion team that’s never accomplished anything. Our goal is a championship, and anything less will be a disappointment.”
Raiders QB Rich Gannon, AP.
CK: Gannon parrots the company line.

•“I don’t see a weak link on this offense, we’ve got so many ways we can hurt you, and so many guys who know how to make big plays. I’m kind of wondering how people will stop us.”
Raiders WR Jerry Rice, AP.
CK: Ditto for Rice.

•“We’re gonna play a lot of different guys, you’re going to see (rookie) Chris Cooper play in the game and (starting tackle) Grady Jackson is gonna play a lot more than maybe he expected to.”
Gruden speaking to his defensive line rotation, Contra Costa Times.
CK: Raiders DT Darrell Russell is serving a four game suspension and his replacement Rod Coleman is listed as doubtful for Sunday’s game with a strained pectoral muscle. The Raiders could be thin in the middle of their defensive line.

•“Playing in Kansas City, being from Nebraska, I’m going to have family down there watching and everything, I want to show my friends and family that I can play this game — I don’t think they were expecting me to play. I think it surprised everybody.”
Rookie defensive tackle Chris Cooper, a sixth-round pick out of Division II Nebraska-Omaha, Mercury News.
CK: Is Cooper the weak link? Look for the Chiefs to find out early.

• • •

Reports are that the Raiders have posted these two quotes on their bulletin board for inspiration:

•“The Raiders don’t have an idea of what’s going on.”
Eric Warfield, quoted from a story in the KC Star.
CK: This quote was taken out of context by a Raiders’ official or player who is obviously a budding reporter.
—The actual quote—
“Maybe they just want to keep people in the dark about who’s going to start so the Raiders don’t have an idea of what’s going on.”
CK: There is no question that Eric Warfield has a bulls eye on his chest for game one. The Chiefs will need him to respond with a big game or it could be a tough afternoon.

• • •

The other quote is connected to Dick Vermeil, though it can’t be found anywhere on the site that it is attributed:
•“We plan on hitting them in the mouth for 60 minutes. They won’t know what hit them.”
CK: The Raiders seem to be reaching for inspiration and are actually concerning themselves with the boisterous Arrowhead faithful. They may have good reason, the last time the Raiders opened the season in Arrowhead was 1998 and they were embarrassed by the Chiefs 28-8.