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Closing date on county building purchase moved

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

An amendment for a real estate contract was made by Platte County Commissioners during Thursday's meeting.

Commissioners approved to extend the closing date for the National Federation of State High School Association building to Jan. 31, 2003.

First District Commissioner Michael Short said the extension was due to water damage that was found during the county's inspection. The extension was made to allow for the repairs to be completed.

The commission announced it plans to buy the 40,000 square foot building to house various government agencies.

Also during Thursday's meeting, the commissioners entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Clay County.

In 1984 an agreement between Platte and Clay counties was made for road maintenance. The agreement was that each county would be responsible for a mile section of a road that bordered the two counties.

Dale Thomas, Platte County public works director, said the former agreement was confusing. A new agreement was made allowing Platte County to take over maintenance of Hornbeck Road, allowing Clay County to assume the remaining roads.
A request for bids was approved to purchase courthouse furniture. The furniture will complete an upgrading project imposed seven years ago to the courthouse. The furniture would be placed in the front lobby of the courthouse near the security system.

According to Jane Henry, director of administration, the furniture would need to be constructed, not purchased.

Henry added bids would need to be in by 1:30 p.m. Dec. 5.

"One of our goals is to free up space of that building, especially for historical purposes," Short said.

Several bid openings were accepted by commissioners and sent for review.

One bid opening for printing and mailing of 2002 assessment lists for the assessor's office was accepted.

Four bids were opened for convention and tourism's 2003 calendar of events and three bids were accepted for the 2003 visitor's guide.