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R-3 may seek another
bond issue in 2004

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

During a retreat meeting on Nov. 5 Platte County R-3 School Board members discussed the idea of presenting a bond issue for a new middle school to voters in the not-too-distant future.

According to Dr. Mark Harpst, Platte County R-3 superintendent, the board discussed the possibility of taking a bond issue to voters in April 2004. Harpst said the current middle school is reaching its student capacity levels.

Harpst said he is unsure at this time the amount of the bond issue or the size of the facility, would be that built.

Harpst said if a new middle school is constructed it would be located on the 70-acres recently purchased south of the Northland Career Center.

"We hope that residents will want to protect their investment in the school," Harpst said.

Harpst added if a new middle school is built, the current middle school building will be combined with Platte County High School allowing an expansion.

"We are getting crowded. The high school is filling up," Harpst said.

Harpst added that the elementary schools are at a comfortable capacity level and will not be addressed with the bond issue.

Other items the board discussed during the meeting included an overview of the financial status for the school district.

Harpst said the financial status for the district is adequate.

"We are getting the same amount of funding as we were getting in 1992. So we depend a lot on tax dollars," Harpst said.

Harpst said there is almost a half a million dollars yet to be collected in taxes from previous years.

He further indicated that he doesn't believe the economy will negatively affect the bond issue, if it's presented to voters.