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County will take over golf course managment

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

Shiloh Springs Golf course has been placed on the shoulders of Platte County Commissioners.

Commissioners announced during Monday's meeting that beginning Jan. 1, 2003, they will take over the food and beverage portion of Shiloh Springs Golf Course.

Three bid proposals were rejected by commissioners for the management and food operations of the golf course.

According to Steve Wegner, 2nd District Commissioner, commissioners chose to take over the golf course due to financial difficulties the course has had in the past.

The course is currently being operated by Oak Golf in Lawrence, Kan.

"I don't think there is any one overriding reason. We looked at it from a business point of view. We were not comfortable with the terms of the three proposals. I think we will do better financially by brining the course under the commissioners," Wegner said.

"Right now we pay a management fee of $45,000 for a management company to staff it. We are also going to be looking at different internal structures that will be more cost saving. We are going to make the course a little more profitable."

Wegner added that the formal announcement of a general manager for the golf course will be made next week. Currently, according to Wegner, the course is being managed without a general manager.

"If we have management there the majority of the time we will get a cleaner product with a more friendly atmosphere," Wegner said.

Wegner expects the commissioners will take over the operations for at least a year.

Wegner feels the golf course can one day become a self-sufficient entity.

"It may take a few more years. We are trying to cut expenses, and not cut the product," Wegner said.

In other items, commissioners accepted six bids for computer workstations upgrades for the Platte County Sheriff's Office. Commissioners referred the bids to the sheriff's office for recommendation.

Two bid requests were made for convention and tourism during the meeting.

Bid requests were made for the 2003 calendar of events and the 2003 visitors guide for convention and tourism.

An agreement to provide review and inspection services to Platte County Regional Sewer District was tabled by commissioners.

The agreement was tabled to determine if the City of Tracy or Platte County should provide inspection services for the sewer district's new facility at the Bank of Weston, Tracy branch.

The question was raised by First District Commissioner Michael Short if the City of Tracy should do the inspections or if the county would be responsible for them.

Commissioners made a proclamation declaring Nov. 15 as America Recycles Day in Platte County.