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Race for county clerk to feature Krohne, Pedego

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

In the upcoming race for Platte County Clerk, it will be incumbent Sandy Krohne, Democrat, against challenger Lee Pedego, Republican.

Sandy Krohne has spent almost eight years as Platte County Clerk and says she plans to continue her service.

Krohne has been in the county clerk's office for 15 years, serving as deputy for seven years.

Her husband, Billy, is an air traffic controller at Kansas City International Airport. They have two children, Audrey, who is studying graphic design in Florida, and Billy Joe, a student at West Platte.

Since in office, Krohne has converted work previously done by hand to computer.

The Platte County Clerk's office is run by three people plus herself, something Krohne says she is proud to report.

"Most offices double or triple their staff. This office is still able to work with the same number of employees for 25 years. That is amazing with the growth going on in the county," Krohne said.

"That allows us to have a personal relationship with people we serve. They know when they call they are getting one of us."

Krohne says she is working on document imaging for county records. She adds that document imaging would benefit the county. The imaging, she says, would allow all county records to be accessed on computer.

Krohne has been working on the project over a long period of time. She adds the imaging would also decrease storage needs and allow for quicker service.

A pilot program for document imaging will begin soon with Platte County Planning and Zoning and Platte County Clerk's offices.

Krohne says voters would benefit from keeping her in office simply because she has experience.

"It would be very difficult for someone new to come in here. It would take someone new at least three years to understand what needs to be done," Krohne said.

"I work closely with almost every office in the county. This is not just an 8-5 job for me, this is a passion. This is not just a salary for me. This is not just a title. I love this job."

Pedego has a master's degree in finance, is president of South Platte Rotary, a farm owner and operator for 28 years, a business founder/owner, Public Water District #1 president, Platte Regional Sewer District Chairman, a TWA Senior Buyer for five years, was in the United States Air Force for four years, PAR IV Homes Association past president, Timber Ridge Homes Association past president and has been a Platte County resident since 1967.

Pedego ran for county treasurer two years ago.

Pedego and his wife, Cherie, own ISMA Incorporated and an art gallery in North Kansas City. The couple have three children.

Pedego says his campaign slogan, "Restore integrity to the clerk's office," sums up his reason for running for county clerk.

"A lot of things have been done that need corrected. I would hire professional and qualified people and train them adequately, use good management and get out of the way and let them do their job," Pedego said.

"I think when a public official violates the trust of the voter, which this one (Krohne) has, they need to be voted out of office. This is not a race of Democrat versus Republican. This is not a race of man versus woman. This is a race of competence and professionalism. This county will benefit from a professionally-run county clerk's office," Pedego added.