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Chamber will receive $10,000 from Platte City

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

The air was cleared Tuesday night of concerns over a $10,000 agreement between the Platte City Board of Aldermen and Platte City Area Economic Development Council/Chamber of Commerce.

The agreement was placed on the agenda for a second time Tuesday after it failed during a September aldermen meeting. The agreement allows the city to pay the chamber a sum of $10,000 to assist with club services and expenses.

Karen Wagoner, Platte City Chamber of Commerce executive director, was at the meeting to answer questions.

Wagoner, who said she was told she didn't need to be at the Sept. 24 aldermen meeting to discuss the agreement, was told by Lee Roy Van Lew, Ward 1 alderman, her absence was a factor in him voting against the agreement.

Since the Sept. 24 meeting, Wagoner compiled an information packet for the board.
"The reason this was defeated was we didn't have the information. Some of us didn't actually know where the money was going," Van Lew told Wagoner during the meeting.

"This (the information packet) gives us a good idea what you are trying to do for the city. If this had been presented to us two weeks ago everyone would have approved it."
Gary Brown, Ward 3 alderman, also voted against the agreement during the Sept. 24 meeting.

"I have sat on several committees and when people ask for money, there is usually always someone here to represent who is asking," Brown said.

The agreement was on the agenda at the last regular meeting. Brown and Van Lew voted against the agreement, saying they were unsure where the money was going once the chamber obtained it.

The issue failed the first time due to a lack of a majority vote because of the absence of Alderman Shelle Browning, Ward 2.

Browning was also absent at Tuesday's meeting. Mayor Dave Brooks said Browning was unable to attend meetings this month because of a personal issue.

Brooks added Browning had written a letter to the board addressing the agreement between the city and the chamber.

Alderman Brown opposed reading the letter from Browning during the meeting.
"She (Browning) is being paid with taxpayers' money to be here. If she is not here her opinion doesn't matter," Brown said.

Brooks did not read the letter.

In other business, the mayor gave a park land update to aldermen during the meeting.

Brooks said he had met with Platte County 2nd District Commissioner Steve Wegner Tuesday to discuss the project. An offer has been made on 215 acres of land north of Platte City along Hwy. 371.

Nothing is set in stone concerning the agreement, Brooks said. A $750,000 contract is expected to be signed next week.

Aldermen approved an agreement with True Clean Building Services for janitorial services.

True Clean has offered cleaning services to city hall, the police station and the Civic Center for three years.

True Clean's total monthly bid for all three buildings city hall-$250; police station- $350; and civic center- $125 for a total of $725.