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R-3 enrollment is up by 6%

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

School is well underway and area schools have reported their enrollment numbers.

Platte County R-3 enrollment is at 2,280 this year, up about 6% from last year's enrollment of 2,151.

At Rising Star 118 students are enrolled; at Siegrist 371 students are enrolled; at Paxton 261 students are enrolled; at Barry 435 students are enrolled; at Platte City Middle School 435 are enrolled; and at Platte County High School 660 students are enrolled.

According to Dr. Mark Harpst, Platte County R-3 superintendent, class sizes are also at "good" levels.

Harpst added class sizes at Barry School are rather large in the first and fifth grades. Teacher aides are being sought to help teachers handle the excessive amounts of students.

Dr. Francis Moran, superintendent at North Platte R-1, said enrollment is at 728 students. September 2001 enrollment was 715 students. Moran reported 731 students were reported at the end of last school year.

At West Platte R-2 schools Superintendent Kyle Stephenson reported enrollment for grades kindergarten through 12th are at 687, down slightly from last year's beginning enrollment of 693.