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Weather sirens, curfew discussed
by Weston board

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

Three emergency sirens should soon be installed at Weston.

Weston Police Chief Terry Blanton stated at last week's board of aldermen meeting that he had spoken to the Kansas City Emergency Management office regarding weather sirens for the city.

The cost of the three-phase sirens is $1,000 each. Blanton was given approval to purchase the sirens. The matter will be further discussed at the October board meeting.

Blanton also requested the curfew ordinance be changed to 11 p.m. on weeknights and midnight on the weekend. Blanton also added he would like to increase the fines for punishment. The items will be presented at the October meeting.

In other action, aldermen passed an ordinance fixing the rate of taxation for the year 2002 in Weston. Total tax levy is 80 cents per $100 assessed valuation, up just a bit from last year's 79 cent levy.

A resolution granting the establishment of Jurgens Bed and Breakfast at 1020 Spring was passed by aldermen.

Mayor Howard Hellebuyck announced the appointment of Stephanie Parsons to Weston's Park Board.

Danny Masoner's request from the board to replace back-flow filters at the water plant was approved. The request is a budgeted item for the water department.

Benji Kent, 201 Welt Street Development was present to discuss plans he has for the old grain elevator.

Kent, along with his partner John Miller, are planning to put up a sign regarding the development, install a walk bridge across Mill Creek and they envision a farmer's market in that area.

The bridge would possibly be covered or be an old iron bridge.

Aldermen advised Kent he would need to ensure that a farmer's market was allowed in the I-1 Zoning District and in a floodplain.

Larry Clemens advised the board there are approximately three to four sidewalks that were going to be repaired by the city.

Clemens informed the board he had a $3,700 cost estimate to curb the west side of Rock Street, off of Market, the site of considerable mudslides. Aldermen approved a motion allowing the street department to begin work on the project.