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Platte City tax rate goes up;
trash rates adjusted

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

Platte City Board of Aldermen approved a two cent tax rate increase Tuesday night during its regular meeting.

The increase is designed to provide for a balanced general fund budget.

During a budget workshop recently, aldermen heard the general levy combined with other general fund operating revenues is not adequate to cover the anticipated operating expenditures of the general fund. It was lacking by about $16,000.

The increased tax rate amounts to a $7.60 increase in property taxes paid on a home with a value of $100,000.

Prior to the increase the tax rate was set at $1 per $100 of assessed valuation.

Tax rates may have increased in Platte City, but some commercial customers will be paying less for refuse service.

Aldermen passed a decrease in the commercial curbside trash rate from $25.05 to $24.50 per month. However, the price for dumpster tipping fees were increased from $10 to $11.50 per tip.

It is estimated $162,000 would be generated in revenue for the increase in order to cover dumpster service costs.
The cost changes will be reflected on November's billing.
The board also approved an increase in deposit requirements for water service in the city.

The deposit fee was increased to $100 for residential and commercial customers.

Increases in liquor license and report reproduction fees were also approved by aldermen.

Prior to the increase, liquor license and report reproduction fees were $5 and $2. According to Joseph McHale, chief of police, the fees were not close to covering city employee's time, copying fees and background investigations.

During Tuesday's meeting the fees were increased to $15 for a liquor license and a $10 fee for reports.

The fee hike will take place Nov. 4.

The original recommendation was to increase the liquor card fee to $20.

During the meeting Alderman Shelle Browning voiced concerns that a $20 fee was too high for a liquor card.

Browning said usually those purchasing liquor cards are lower income individuals and a $20 fee increase would be a great burden to them.

"I have a hard time thinking we need to quadruple our liquor license," Browning said.

McHale said a $15 fee would cover the expenses involved in processing a liquor card.

A lease agreement between Holy Trinity Church and Platte City for space at the Platte City Civic Center was approved.

Terms for the lease are for three months commencing Sept. 1. Monthly rent payments are $240 for September and October and $300 for November.

The agreement is designated for the gymnasium of the Civic Center located at 308 Zed Martin Street.