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Platte County proceeding with
purchase of building

by Shana Haines
Landmark reporter

Platte County Commissioners set into motion Thursday the purchase of a 40,000 square foot office building near KCI, as first reported in The Landmark last week.

Commissioners approved several items concerning the purchase of the former National Federation of State High School Association building during their regular meeting Thursday.

During the meeting commissioners approved a resolution authorizing the financing for the facility. Purchase price for the facility is $1.35 million. Commissioners say another $600,000 will be used to renovate the building. Financing, according to commissioners, will come from a $2 million bond to be paid over 10 years.

A real estate sale contract was also approved by commissioners. The contract shows the commissioner's serious intent to purchase the building.

A contract was also approved for the building to be inspected prior to sale. According to 2nd District Commissioner Steve Wegner, the building was inspected Friday.

"We have not gotten a written report yet, we are still waiting. Initially we have heard there are no major structure problems," Wegner said.

Commissioners anticipate using the building as office space, storage of county records and rental space for other agencies.

A request was approved to allow commissioners to put proposals for a manager of the Pro Shop and food operation at Shiloh Springs Golf Course.
The proposals will allow the commissioner to evaluate the operations of the golf course.
The current agreement between Shiloh Springs Golf Course and current management, Oak Golf of Lawrence, Kan., will expire at the end of 2002. The agreement was for three years.

Shiloh Springs Golf Course has suffered economically over the past years. With recent dry weather during the summer, the course's fairways continue to suffer also.

First District Commissioner Michael Short announced during the meeting there is a possibility the course will be folded into Platte City's parks and recreation department.

One option for the golf course is for Platte County to purchase the land, according to Wegner, at a remaining cost of $1.6 million from Gary Martin.

Wegner adds that if the grounds are purchased by the county, groundskeepers will be hired, allowing the food and beverage area to be leased.

"That should put us in a more positive financial situation," Wegner said.

During the meeting commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding with Kansas City for Platte Purchase Park. An agreement with Patti Banks and Associates for a master plan for Platte Purchase Park, located at 100th Street and Platte Purchase, was also approved by commissioners.

The agreements allow Kansas City to share the cost of the park's master plan with Platte County.