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Bridge work scheduled this summer

by Danielle Hillix
Landmark reporter

Sharp's Station Bridge will be demolished and replaced. Sooner or later.

The Platte County Commissioners opened bids on Thursday for work on the bridge. Seven companies submitted bids, with prices ranging from $938,395.20 to $1,646,431.05, with an average of $1,236,729,86.

"The bids were about what we expected them to be," Public Works Director Dale Thomas said. "One was a little lower and one a little higher, but they were basically what we were expecting."

The commissioners referred the bids to the public works department for review. Public works must then pass on the bids to the Missouri Department of Transportation. Thomas hopes to award the bid in two to three weeks.

The historic bridge on the Interuban Road between Camden Point and Platte City was slated for demolition in March. Legal issues over approach easements and designs, and Kansas City's decision to attach a major water line to the bridge delayed the process. Thomas now hopes to get started in August, with project completion coming in late November.

Much of the cost for the bridge project will come from federal highway grants for bridge replacement that are administered by the state of Missouri.