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KC/county ink pact for water line

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

In a $70,000 agreement with the City of Kansas City, Mo, the Platte County Commission approved the city’s intent to fund the installation of a water main on the Sharp's Station Bridge.

After negotiations between the two entities, the City of Kansas City submitted an agreement stating it would fund the installation of a 16" water main transmission pipe on the bridge, located on Interurban Road in Platte County.

The agreement states that the city will pay the county for all the rights involved in the project including the county’s cost of the bridge construction oversight and the city’s contribution for the county’s cost to resurface Interurban Road.

With the agreement now in place between Platte County and the City of Kansas City, the construction is expected to be started as soon as possible.

The water line is expected to serve various northern Platte County water districts as well as the cities of Dearborn and Camden Point.

In a report presented to the commission by parks and recreation director Brian Nowotny, he updated the commission of the development of two parks within the county.

Platte Purchase Park, located in the eastern central portion of the county, is a 140-acre tract of land recently purchased for future parks development. One section of the land currently contains ball parks operated by the Clay/Platte Baseball Association. For the first time with this project, Nowotny presented a probable timetable for the project’s implementation.

According to the timetable and Nowotny’s presentation, Platte County is currently working with the City of Kansas City to develop an inner-local cooperative agreement. The timetable outlines contract negotiations, development of the schematic design of the park, bid projects, ground breaking and phase one of construction. The timetable currently estimates July of 2003 as the final completion date for phase one of the project.

Nowotny’s presentation also outlined the Green Hills Wildlife Preserve, a 45-acre tract of land located in the south central unincorporated portion of Platte County.

The probable timetable includes contract for a master plan, public meeting to share plans and feedback, finalize conceptual plan, construction development process, phase one construction, and implementation of WCR grant restoration. The project, which will start with the contract for master plan in June of 2002, is estimating a completion date for phase one of project in July of 2003.

In other business, the commission approved a resolution proclaiming May 17, 2002 as USS Platte Day in Platte County.

Commissioners also heard from the sheriff’s department regarding their approval to submit several grant applications. The sheriff’s department will look to receive funding from the Missouri Division of Highway Safety for DWI enforcement. If received, the 100 percent grant from the Missouri Division of Highway Safety would fund $21,666 in current personnel’s overtime pay for DWI enforcement.

The department is also applying for a grant from the Missouri Division of Highway Safety for the funding of full-time traffic officers. The amount to be requested by the grant is $29,661, with Platte County’s obligation $14,830.50.

A third grant, totaling $9,936, is also being submitted by the department for funding of overtime salaries for hazardous moving violations. The grant has no local matching amount.

The final grant in pursuit by the department is for funding of educational materials and the funding of overtime salaries for the presentation of materials to younger drivers. The grant is for $1,210, with no local funding requirements.

In January, the commission granted Platte/Clay Electric Cooperative a temporary certificate of occupancy until certain requirements had been met for their location on HH Highway. As of May 9, the location was found to be in compliance with county ordinances. Due to the compliance being met, the commissioners approved the release of $13,000 in funds back to Platte/Clay Electric Cooperative.

Commissioners also approved a $112,000 performance and maintenance bond for storm sewer improvements to Weatherby Highlands III Plat. $469,654 was approved for a performance and maintenance bond for street improvements to Weatherby Highlands III Plat and North Childress Ave., as well as a $24,170 bond for storm sewer improvements for North Childress Ave. All improvements must be completed within one year.

The commission approved a bid request by public works for a computerized traffic sign graphics system. The system will be used as a cooperative effort between public works and the parks and recreation department to design their own signs instead of the need to purchase them. The bids are due by 1:30 p.m., May 30.

Sam Tucker was reappointed as representative to the Industrial Development Authority for a six-year-term effective immediately and expiring April 1, 2008.