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Outside group will manage West Platte's summer school

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

The West Platte School District Board of Education has voted to have an independent corporation manage this year's summer school program.

With hopes of improvement upon last year's program, the board elected to have Edison Schools manage this year's program for the district.

"We felt like they could offer some things that we couldn't," stated Kyle Stephenson, West Platte superintendent.

This year the district has 275 students signed up for the summer school program out of 680 students.

"Last year we did okay, but we didn't generate the type of numbers as this year," said Stephenson. "We've had declining enrollment throughout the school year, so hopefully summer school will be the way to make up for the loss."

Stephenson stated that West Platte will still be responsible for the facilities, staff and the food service throughout the program.

The board also heard a report regarding the early childhood program. Stephenson reported that the district has applied for a grant from the state, and expects to hear the status of the grant between mid-June and July. The program, which will be a preschool program for students in the district, will begin August 15. Stephenson stated if the district is unable to receive the grant, the cost to start the program will range from $12-14,000.

An update of the building report was heard by board members. Stephenson stated that the underground work has been completed, the slab for the addition has been poured and the steel arrived on Tuesday. The addition to the school is expected to be completed by July 28.

Stephenson also notified the board that their 8th grade and 11th grade students were acknowledged by the Missouri Department of Education in two areas of most improved proficient and advanced MAP scores. The 8th grade was acknowledged in the area of math, and the 11th graders were acknowledged in communication arts.

Kindergarten round-up was another success, according to Stephenson. The district screened 40 students during round-up and is expecting an estimated class size of around 50 students at the beginning of the next school year. Stephenson stated, "The number of students we're expecting next year is following suit over the past couple of years."