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Opposition expressed to small subdivision proposal

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

A rezoning request from AG (agriculture) to RE (rural estates) by Apex Management Inc., John Pepper, brought opposition to the proposal at Thursday's Platte County Commission meeting.

The 65-acre tract of land under opposition involves rezoning 24 of those acres into a two lot minor subdivision into two 12 acre lots. The proposal would involve selling those pieces of land for the development of single family homes. The remaining 40 acres will remain zoned AG. The area under proposal is located along the northside of Highway H and one mile west of intersection Highway H and P.

Aaron Schmidt, director of planning and zoning stated that three letters of opposition were submitted to the planning and zoning committee from neighbors surrounding the proposed property.

Ralph Hicks, one of the opponents to the rezoning, owns property adjoining the land to the east relayed his concerns to the commission.
"My personal reason (for the objection) is because I purchased my property in 1988 because it was rural and there wasn't a lot of development in that area," said Hicks. "I think the request should be denied so the area can remain a rural and ag area to keep the density in the area to a minimum. I would ask the commission to reconsider this application."

Jerry Cox, owner of the property to the north, spoke to the commissioners about his concerns regarding the remaining 40 acres of land not being rezoned.

Schmidt explained to the commissioners that there were two options including another minor subdivision, like the one already proposed, or a major subdivision, which would involve dividing the area into many smaller lots, laying down asphalted roads, creating sewer connections, as well as meeting many other requirements in that scenario.

"Either way we'd be right back here. It would have to come in front of the planning and zoning committee and then back to the commission for approval," stated Schmidt.

Jim Farley, attorney for Pepper, informed the commission that his client has no further intention of subdividing the land beyond the two tracts currently proposed.

"I can guarantee that this applicant has no further intent to subdivide," stated Farley.

Farley also pointed to several other minor subdivisions surrounding the current proposed area. Planning and zoning officials stated that there are at least three similar subdivisions zoned RE within a two mile radius of the current proposed site.

"We believe there is objective evidence in support of our request for the proposal," said Farley.

Commissioners voted unanimously to postpone their decision upon further review for next week's commission meeting. The proposal was approved 10-1 by the planning and zoning committee.

The Platte County Juvenile Services Office announced its letter of intent to apply for the JAIBG (Juvenile Accountability Incentive Block Grant) for fiscal year 2002-2003. It's a 10 percent matching grant from the Missouri Department of Public Safety. This is the third year the department will participate.

The Juvenile Services Department also announced that Jessi Moody of North Platte Junior High was the winner of the "Don't Choose Crime" poster contest. The poster will be hung in the hallway entering the administration building along with previous years winners.