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New mayor previews his plans

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Since taking over the helm at city hall in Platte City, Mayor Dave Brooks' objectives for the office haven't changed.

"We want to do the best we can for the people all the time. We want to win through communication, not intimidation," stated Brooks.

"It's our job to keep the people informed. I think that's Dave Brooks and the city's responsibility to keep them informed and we're going to try and do that."

For Brooks, the way the residents of Platte City are treated is a main concern for the newly elected mayor.

"I want people to feel free to call me and stop by and ask questions. It's not my or the council's city hall, it's their (the people's) city hall. They own it and they pay for it every day," explained Brooks. "We care about the people of Platte City and are concerned about their concerns."

One concern of many Platte Citians is the destruction of their property during the work of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP).

Brooks stated that the third phase currently underway is going really well and is on schedule.

"The major issues with the CIP Program is working with each property owner to not disturb anything more than they're supposed to and clean-up the properties that were disturbed and not returned to their prior condition," said Brooks.

"If there's a problem, call us at city hall and we'll talk to you about them. I said there would be an open door policy at city hall and there will be."

Action already taken by Brooks at last week's board of aldermen meeting was discussion concerning the drainage problems at the baseball fields.

Brooks stated that the stormwater commission and the parks board have pulled together to find a temporary resolve to the drainage problems at the ballfields.

According to Brooks the temporary plans include cleaning out the current detention area on the east side of the small field and possibly putting an asphalt curb along a driveway near the fields to help move the water to the detention area.

"These are just temporary plans, nothing has been set in stone yet. Once everything is figured out, our plans are to begin right away."

Brooks stated he also plans to implement procedures in helping to make Platte City an attractive place not only for residents but for potential residents and business owners.

"We need to clean up the town and that's going to take a cooperative effort between the city and the citizens of Platte City," stated Brooks. "The city needs the people's help in helping to control the littering problem. If they see littering occurring, they need to call and let us know."

A part of the clean-up puts a primary focus on Main Street.

"We're going to ask all business owners on Main Street to take the spring weather opportunity and clean the areas in front of their businesses," stated Brooks. "It's good for overall business if the area's clean."

Brooks stated he also plans to talk with the fire department about the possibility of occasionally washing the streets. He added that hopes are to see these plans get done within the next 30 days.

According to Brooks, plans also include creating a closer relationship between the City of Platte City and the Chamber of Commerce.

"We need a closer relationship and I want to personally see that through. The whole idea is to bring quality businesses to Platte City and bring people to town for our businesses."