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KC annexation 'threat' a topic at Camden Point

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

A concern about possible future annexation by Kansas City has raised concerns among some residents at Camden Point and was a topic at a meeting of the town's board of aldermen meeting last week.

According to City Clerk Julie Dudley, over the last four months city officials have heard approximately six concerns voiced by Camden Point area residents.

Camden Point, which currently has a population of 492 people, is possibly looking to extend its annexation to include more of Highway E into the city limits. City limits currently are extended from Interurban Road to Highway EE.

"We've had numerous requests about annexing into the city limits," explained Dudley. "We're talking about annexing the roads, nobody's property."

Camden Point officials decided that due to the requests by some individuals, they would prepare a letter to be sent to property owners located along Highway E.

"The letter will simply gather their feelings regarding if the road were to be annexed and see if they would desire to be in the city limits at a future date," stated Dudley. "It's a very expensive and time consuming project, so we want to get the people's feelings."

According to Dudley, those letters are expected to be sent to those property owners in a couple of weeks.

A proposal on street work for the summer was also presented to the board of aldermen by James Grubb of Dearborn. Grubb, who has done the street work for the city over the past four years, presented a bid of $15,000 for the upcoming work.

The bid will include the filling of any potholes throughout Camden Point and the laying down of liquid asphalt, cleaning out of the ditches and cutting down the shoulders at Woodson, Bailey, Baber, and Kansas City Avenue streets.

The board also accepted a bid from Grubb to chip and seal Interurban if the cost was under $10,000.

The meeting also included the acceptance of the recent election results. Mayor Gloria Boyer; Jane Johnson, Ward 1 Alderman; and Steven L. Martin, Ward 2 Alderman; were all sworn into office after running unopposed.

A new animal shelter contract was also accepted between Camden Point and the St. Joseph Animal Shelter. Due to a change in policies, Dudley stated they needed to sign a new contract. The new contract states a fee of $25 for paperwork and admittance, as well as a charge of $7 a day for housing of the stray animals. The contract also states that those animals now have to remain in the shelter for five days. The former contract included a $5 per day charge and a need to keep the animals housed for three days.