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County offering dust control on gravel roads

The Platte County Public Works Department has announced it will again be offering dust control to residents who live on gravel roads within County Road District Number One.

However, due to county budget constraints, residents will not be provided with free dust control as they were in 2001.

The county is offering two options to residents-calcium chloride and oil-and both options are available to residents at cost. The price for calcium chloride is 67 cents per foot and the price of oil is $1 per foot. This cost includes both the purchase of materials and the cost of application to roads. A minimum purchase of 300 feet is required for both options.

A purchase of calcium chloride for the minimum 300 feet will cost $201. By comparison, 300 feet of oil treatment will cost $300.

Citizens who are interested in taking part in this program should contact the Platte County Public Works Department at (816) 858-2223. Applications are also available at the public works offices, 15955 Hwy. 273 in Tracy, Mo.

All applications are due back to public works by April 15 and must be accompanied by your payment.

Weather permitting, dust control work will begin in May.