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Stormwater commission
studying material

by Ivan Foley
Landmark reporter

A commission studying stormwater drainage issues in Platte City is busy analyzing data presented to it by engineers, Mayor Frank Offutt said this week.

The stormwater commission met for the second time last week and was presented data gathered by the engineering firm of Bartlett and West. The firm has studied the adequacy of the city's current storm facilities, which were built to handle what is known as 10-year rains.

The city has come under scrutiny in recent months after drainage problems in various areas of town, including at the ball fields at Fourth and 92 Hwy.

The commission will review the information presented to it by the engineers and meet again on March 20, the mayor said. He said if the commission feels there are problems to be addressed, it will prioritize those problem areas.

"The analysis shows some of our stormwater structures are pretty capable while others are somewhat in question," Offutt remarked.

Platte City experienced some heavy rains last year, rains that could be classified as being of the 25, 50, and 100-year variety, according to the mayor.

"We want to review the information in a comprehensive manner rather than fix one problem that creates another problem further downstream," Offutt said.

He said the commission's work will also help prepare for drainage issues that new development will bring.

Lee Roy Van Lew, an alderman, was elected to serve as chairman of the commission. Other members are Aaron Schmidt, Dannie Stamper, Doug Baldwin and Michael Simenson.