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Another major development
on the way

by Kim Fickett
Landmark editor

A second major proposed subdivision preliminary plat within a month was presented to the Platte County Commission for approval.

Aaron Schmidt, director of planning and zoning, presented an in-depth request by The Orchards, L.L.C. to rezone 392 acres from R-7 (single-family high density) and AG (agricultural) to R-7 (single-family high density) and CN (neighborhood commercial).

The proposed subdivision, located along the west side of Highway N, north of Cable Bridge Road, includes a mixed-use development that would include 739 lots for single-family dwelling averaging 1/4 acre in size, 46 townhomes which contain four dwelling units each and 8.18 acres of neighborhood commercial and office uses.

"One of the benefits of a mixed-use development is the ability to provide a variety of housing types as well as some neighborhood commercial in close proximity residential areas," stated the preliminary plat request presented to the commission. "Mixed-use developments are similar to older neighborhoods which have corner grocery stores at the end of the block."

In accordance with the Platte County Subdivision Regulation requirements, the proposed subdivision is required to contain at least 26 acres of park/recreation areas. The preliminary plat presented to the commissioners indicated the construction of a community pool, private trails, playground area, lake and a future amenity. In addition, the applicant agreed to reserve a 20' wide strip of ground and construct a trail running north and south along Hwy. N as part of the Platte County Northland Trails Plan. The public trail, which will be 8' wide and composed of 4" of asphalt, will be fully funded by the applicant.

As a part of regulations, a proposed subdivision is required 1/2-street improvements along existing adjacent roads when major subdivisions are proposed.

The developer has stated it will dedicated an additional right-of-way, install acceleration/deceleration lanes and install left hand turn lanes on all accesses on Highway N. Along with those street improvements, the developer and the public works department are working on an agreement which will result in a full street improvement to Cable Bridge Road consisting of a 24' asphalt street with 2' curbs on the north side of the street.

The proposed development will consist of three accesses on Highway N, which have all been inspected by the Missouri Department of Transportation and meet site distance standards. The development also will contain two accesses on Cable Bridge Road. The main entrance, along with the northern most access on Highway N will be constructed as a 32' wide asphalt road. Arbor Way, which connects the two main entrances, will be connected by a residential collector street.

The collector street will also extend south to "The Carousel" and north and stub-out at the plat boundary. The remaining local streets will be constructed as 24' wide streets with 2' curbs. The development will also contain both looping streets and cal-de-sac's.

Schmidt stated that the planning and zoning staff requested a traffic study to be completed in order to study the proposed development's impact on Cable Bridge Road and Highway N, Highway N and 136th Street, and Highway N and Highway D. The study will also address the development's impact on Highway N.
Planning and zoning has also requested a stormwater study be conducted before giving final approval of the subdivision.

The proposed preliminary plat would receive sewage treatment from the Timber Creek Sewer Company, water service will be provided by the Public Works District Number 4 and the Platte County R-3 School District and Central Platte Fire Protection District have given their approval of the subdivision. Schmidt also stated that the City of Platte City was presented with the preliminary plat and offered no objection.

The proposal stated, "the layout and design of the proposed lots appears to relate well to existing and future uses in the area. The existing and proposed infrastructure improvements in the area will likely allow future development on the surrounding properties similar to what is being proposed by the applicant."

The Hills of Oakmont, a 304-lot single family residential subdivision, was the first of the two proposed subdivisions approved by the commission in a month. The subdivision will be located along the east side of Running Horse Road, a half mile south of NW 136th Street.

The commission approved the preliminary plat and rezoning requests set forth by the proposed developer at Thursday's commission meeting. The final plat will come back before the commissioners upon the completion of plans for the 392 acre development.