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Hills of Oakmont on horizon

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Get ready for the Hills of Oakmont, a 304-lot subdivision that will soon be going up south of Platte City.

The Platte County Commission has approved a rezoning request by Valkyrie Land Investments, asking to rezone 166 acres from PI (Planned Industrial) to R-7 (Single Family High Density), for the development of the 304 lot single-family residential subdivision.

The subdivision, which will be located along the east side of Running Horse Road, a half mile south of NW 136th Street, will average lots about 9,100 square foot in size.

As a part of the Platte County Subdivision Regulation, the subdivision must contain at least 9.05 acres of park/recreation area. The proposal indicated that 9.57 acres of park land will consist of open and treed space.

Valkyrie Land Investments proposed a 20' wide strip of ground to construct an 8' wide trail running north and south along Running Horse Road in conjunction with the Platte County Northland Trails Plan.

Valkyrie Land Investments will fund 100 percent of the construction of the cost for the public trail. In addition, 55.39 acres will be preserved as private open space, which will consist of natural drainage basins in low-lying areas and will provide storm water detention for the subdivision and landscaping buffers.

The developers also stated they will dedicate 10 feet of right-of-way, widen Running Horse Road to 20 feet from centerline, install 2-foot vertical curbs, and install appropriate stormsewer collection. The subdivision will have four accesses to Running Horse Road.

In addition, .91 acres of land will also be dedicated to Public Water Supply District #4 for the construction of a water tower.

While a portion of the property is located along Prairie Creek, which is within the 100-year floodplain, no home construction will take place with the 100-year floodplain areas.

A planning and zoning staff report that recommended the approved zoning change stated: "Under the current zoning classification (PI) the property could be developed into lots for industrial development. Use in this area are residential and agricultural in nature. If the subject property were to develop in an industrial manner it would likely have detrimental effects on other property in the area."

The proposed development is similar to the Oak Creek, Timber Park, and Timber Park Meadows subdivisions in the vicinity.

In other business at last week's meeting, the commission heard from Frank Offutt, secretary of the Platte City Benefit Assessment Special Road District.

Offutt spoke to the commissioners about acquiring additional right-of-way along 136th Street. This would require condemning a one-half acre tract of land off 136th Street to secure the right-of-way and for the straightening and regrading of the road.

On the particular one-half acre tract is a family cemetery. Offutt stated that as development continues in that area, an additional right-of-way is necessary.

"Since it's this particular spot there are three unique considerations: the road curves, the vertical elevation and there's an object in the right-of-way (the family cemetery)," said Offutt. "Now we have the making for a traffic safety issue.

"In order to straighten the road and regrade the vertical elevation we would have to proceed on the one-half-acre tract of land to remove dirt," said Offutt. "To proceed, that requires the additional right-of-way."

Betty Elgin, a descendant of family members buried in the plot at the cemetery, attended the commission meeting in support of the special road district's request.

She stated she'd prefer the cemetery to be relocated to another site to avoid future vandalism and development that may impact the ground where her relatives are now interned.

Offutt said they would try and relocate the family members to the Platte City Cemetery, where there's perpetual grave care.

The commission voted to take the request under consideration and to have a decision by the next commission meeting.

The commission also approved rezoning requests for Curtis Ashby to rezone 2.5 acres from agricultural to R-80 (rural single family). The second request was from Helen Sue Gabbert on behalf of Timothy and Elissa Groce and Richard and Sandra Buckler to rezone 47.5 acres of land from agricultural to rural estates for a two lot minor subdivision. The first lot will be set on 14.5 acres, with the second lot of 33 acres of land.

Lori Freeman was appointed by commissioners to the planning and zoning commission. Commissioners also accepted a request for bids from planning and zoning for a four-wheel drive truck.
was appointed by commissioners to the planning and zoning commission. Commissioners also accepted a request for bids from planning and zoning for a four-wheel drive truck.