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Draft master plan lists future Hwy. 92 projects

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has evaluated the information gathered during the first three phases of the Route 92/10 Corridor Master Plan Study and has developed a Draft Master Plan with recommendations for improvements across the corridor.

The Draft Master Plan will be presented at a single corridor-wide public meeting on Jan. 22 from 5-7 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall, 704 North Jefferson Street, Kearney, Missouri. The meeting will be an open house style meeting, so you may stop by anytime between 5 and 7 p.m. Members of the study team will be available to answer your questions and gather your feedback on the recommendations.

The recommended strategy for improvement presented in the Draft Master Plan has been revised since the public meeting held in July 2001 to address the needs across the entire corridor and allow:

• Higher speeds.
• Communities to plan for future worst-cast (or widest) right-of-way needs.
• Communities the chance to work with MoDOT to refine designs when MoDOT is ready to build the improvements.

The Draft Master Plan has identified 30 manageable projects across the corridor. Using a prioritization process based on technical judgements and public input, these projects have been divided into three tiers. The top ten projects are known as Tier 1 projects and include bridge replacements and associated roadway improvements. The remaining 20 projects are split into Tiers 2 and 3.

The top 10 priorities for Route 92 and 10 encompass 15 miles of the 60-mile corridor at an estimated cost of $43.5 million. Nine of the ten projects are ridge replacements and the associated roadway improvements. Project number 10 was selected for improved accessibility. The Needs Assessment phase of the study determined that the bridges are in need of repair or replacement and should receive attention first so that people can continue to travel through the corridor.

"Public input has played a critical role in developing alternatives and recommendations for improvements along the corridor," stated Lisa Stupps, MoDOT Project Manager. "Through a series of public meetings and workshops over the last 18 months we have gathered input regarding the importance of the quality of life and rural character in the area. We have combined that information with what improvements are necessary to bring the road up to modern standards and have developed a Draft Master Plan that addresses those issues."

At this time, funding has not been identified for any of the projects recommended in the Draft Master Plan. Funding is a concern across the state, and it is important to note that MoDOT District 4 funds are limited--especially outside the metropolitan boundary where Routes 92 and 10 are located.

The Route 92/10 corridor runs from the Missouri River to Richmond, Mo. The 60-mile study area extends five miles north and south of the existing route. MoDOT began work on the Route 92/10 Corridor Master Plan in July 2000. The 18-month study is designed to identify transportation needs and improvement priorities along the corridor.

For more information about the study, contact Lisa Stupps at (816) 622-6567 or access the project's web site at