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Deputy fired, later accused of stalking
Charged with ‘lurking’ around
victims’ houses

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

A man who unty Sheriff’s Department has been charged with stalking.

Phillip W. Lowe, age 51, who lists an address on NW 62nd Street, Kansas City in Platte County, is charged with misdemeanor stalking in the second degree.

According to charging documents, Lowe faces the charge for actions that occurred on or between March 1 and March 20.

He is accused of purposely disturbing a confidential victim “by loitering outside her home and church” two or more times, “evidencing a continuity of purpose,” according to the information filed by Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd.

Lowe posted $5,000 surety bond. A condition of bond is that he is to have no contact with the victim in the case.

Major Erik Holland of the Platte County Sheriff’s Department confirmed Lowe had recently been terminated from his job with the department.

“He was terminated based on off-duty conduct,” Holland said, adding that Lowe was fired on March 8.

“The incident that gave rise to the charge occurred after he was terminated,” Holland remarked.

A probable cause statement, in which names and many pronouns are frequently redacted, associated with the charge refers to “victims” in the plural sense, at various times referencing a female and a male who apparently are in a relationship with one another.

The probable cause statement alleges that at 9 p.m. on March 20 Lowe was found running away from one of the victim’s addresses in Platte County. The man reported Lowe had been outside his residence on three occasions without good cause to be there, according to the allegations.

Court documents indicate the first occasion was on March 1 when the man heard a knock on his door, answered and found no one there. From the allegations, it appears the female was at the man’s house at the time. A bottle with some “significant meaning” was found on the hood of a car parked in the driveway at the house.

A second occasion occurred on March 3 when Lowe was allegedly noticed outside of the house.

A third occasion allegedly occurred on March 4 when Lowe followed one of them to the Platte Woods United Methodist Church and attended the service. According to the allegations, Lowe did not normally attend that church. Lowe allegedly attended the same church on March 18.

A fourth alleged occurrence was on March 6 when Lowe allegedly sent electronic messages to one of the alleged victims, providing details of activities inside the residence. A fifth occasion allegedly occurred when Lowe was spotted outside the house and was chased. Lowe was interviewed and requested a lawyer, according to the probable cause statement.

“It should be noted Lowe was previously a deputy with the Platte County Sheriff’s Office. Lowe had also been informed by Major Holland he was not to have contact with (name redacted),” according to the probable cause statement completed by Deputy Dru Burns of the sheriff’s department.

The probable cause statement indicates authorities believe “the defendant poses a danger to the victims because the defendant has continuously caused emotional distress to the victims by lurking around the victims’ houses in the dark. The defendant previously was a law enforcement officer.”

Court records indicate Lowe was served with an arrest warrant on March 24 and posted bond. He is being represented by attorney Michael Svetlic of Kansas City.

Phillip W. Lowe
was recently fired from his position as a deputy with the Platte Co