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Northwood Road project less than first expected


by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

The contract for the N. Northwood Road project in southern Platte County is about $1.5 million less than officials anticipated when the project first came on the radar.

“We originally guessed it to be a $5.5 million project,” said Bob Heim, public works director for Platte County.

The contract, approved Monday by the Platte County Commission, calls for a cost of $4,028,282. Cost of the project will be paid for by the accumulated City of Kansas City portion of funds from the county’s 3/8th cent sales tax for roads.

“We came out of the gate early with this. Prices are down a little bit right now,” Heim said in explaining reasons why the cost looks lower than original projections.

Amino Brothers Co., Inc. will be doing the construction under the contract with the county.

The area to be improved is N. Northwood Road from NW 52nd St. to NW Prairie View Road in southern Platte County, southwest of the major I-29 and 64th St. intersection.

Project details include: road, curb and gutter reconstruction from roundabout installation at NW 56th Street; 14’ wide lanes with “share the road” signage for bicycles; multi-use trail on west side of road (directly in front of the school); school driveway shift to line up with N Strathbury Drive directly across the street.

Work will span two construction seasons. The time line calls for work to begin in March of this year and to be completed by the end of the summer of 2019, just in time for a new Park Hill School District middle school to open in the area.

Construction begins south of 56th Street, then moves north. Access to the Southeast Elementary School will be available during construction, though it may not be the normal route that motorists are accustomed to using.

Includes construction of new water lines — will be occasional water outages during the construction, Kansas City officials have said.