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Gunfight during drug deal
results in murder

by Valerie Verkamp and Ivan Foley
Landmark staff

A drug deal that went bad resulted in a gunfight at a home not far from Zona Rosa and Park Hill High School, the death of an 18-year-old man and the arrest of the young drug dealer on charges of second degree murder.

Dominic E. Pineda, 17, faces the murder charge as well as charges of felony armed criminal action and attempted distribution of a controlled substance in a protected location. The attempted drug deal was going down within 2,000 feet of property comprising Park Hill High School, authorities say.

The shooting victim has been identified as Timothy Durden, 18. Durden was taken from the backyard of the residence with what authorities immediately referred to as life threatening injuries and later died at the hospital.

The shooting occurred Monday about 5:25 p.m. in the 8600 block of N. Rhode Avenue, Kansas City in Platte County.
According to court documents, Pineda told police he sells marijuana out of his house on Rhode Avenue and in the past has brought several buyers to his residence.

On Monday Pineda said he received a Snapchat message from an unknown black male who wanted to buy two ounces of marijuana at $500 per ounce. Pineda said the deal did not feel right because marijuana usually sells for $220 per ounce and the buyer was offering to pay double.

Pineda stated three friends were with him at his residence. Pineda told police he was armed and that he gave weapons to his friends “because he did not know the guys coming to buy the marijuana and the deal did not feel right to him.”

Two black males arrived and came inside. As the deal was being made, Pineda says the victim grabbed a handgun from the other buyer’s pocket, loaded a round and pointed the gun at one of Pineda’s friends. Pineda told police he feared the victim was going to shoot, that he feared for his life and his friend’s life so he took out the gun he had in his pocket and shot the victim.
Pineda told police he shot his gun five times, according to court papers. The other male buyer then started to fight Pineda for possession of the weapon. Pineda said the victim was shooting at one of his friends.

Pineda said one of the potential buyers ran out the back door and into a red Monte Carlo which had driven around the corner. Pineda said he ran out the back door and hid under the porch. The victim eventually came out the back door of the house, and Pineda then ran to the front of the house, where he picked up a rifle and went back through his house. Pineda said he cleared the house and found the victim in the backyard. Pineda said the victim was still alive and he did not shoot him again because he was “not about that.”

Pineda stated he went back inside and put the rifle down in the kitchen and told his friends to leave.

According to court documents, police interviewed one of Pineda’s friends, who provided a statement consistent with the statement of Pineda in regard to when the males arrived to purchase the marijuana. The friend said he was only at the house to smoke marijuana and did not know a drug deal was going to take place while he was there.

During the gunfight, Pineda’s friend sustained a non-life threatening gunshot wound to the knee.