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Tourist home ordinance killed by Weston board

by Kim Fickett
Landmark reporter

Weston Board of Alderman members got their chance to vote their opinion regarding the proposed tourist home ordinance at Monday night's meeting.

The board of alderman defeated the proposed ordinance by a vote of 2-1, with alderman Joyce Priddy and John Collier in favor of the rejection and Mark Huffman against the rejection. Alderman Cliff Harvey was absent, but had voiced opposition to the ordinance at previous meetings.

"Our lawyer had problems with the way the ordinance was written," said Mayor Howard Hellebuyck.

Hellebuyck stated that the premises behind the ordinance, which was proposed by John and Sandy Egen, asked if they could rent out their vacation home in Weston to tourists when they would not be using the home.

The Board of Alderman didn't recommend bringing back the ordinance to the board with changes in the written proposal.

In other business the Weston Board of Alderman set the 2002 budget for approximately $1.4 million. Mayor Hellebuyck stated a major project for the City of Weston would be the replacement of the Spring Street bridge.

Discussion regarding the City of Weston's bulky-trash item area, was another main item on the board of alderman's agenda. Hellebuyck stated that the trash area is becoming an overwhelming cost and the town is experiencing problems with citizens from area communities bringing their garbage to the trash site.

The board of alderman are currently looking at options to help curb the cost they have been experiencing from the trash site and their lawyer will be evaluating the town's current ordinances regarding illegal dumping.

"The city attorney will be looking at the ordinances to make sure they are enforceable and adjust the ordinances if need be to make them so," state Hellebuyck.

Some of the other suggestions included posting signs regarding illegal dumping or installing cameras at the location to catch the violators.

Board of Alderman members also heard more than 20 bids from Weston residents wanting to purchase the old street signs. Bids ranged from $15-$101.51.

The board also approved a depot change order regarding extra work that needed to be added to the depot project. Approval was given for an ordinance changing Gay Street in Weston to Bluejay Drive.