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Hwy. 9 taxing district about
to become a reality

by Alan McArthur
Landmark reporter

Parkville took the first official step to creating a new taxing district along Highway 9.

The 9 Highway Corridor Community Improvement District was approved by the board of aldermen and will now need to receive signatures from more than 50 percent of the property owners in the proposed district for the next step.

The new CID is being proposed with a one percent sales tax on properties located within the district to fund roadway improvements.

Stephen Lachky, community development director, told the board the city is expecting about $147,300 in revenue per year based on previous sales tax amounts on the subject properties.

The boundaries of the district include the Walgreens, Phillips 66, Quik Trip, city hall, and community center. The district will extend to just south of Lakeview Drive and include a property in the Parkville Nature Sanctuary and both the old and new Parkville Cemeteries.

Before voting on the new CID, the board reiterated that the new CID would specifically avoid some of the pitfalls the city has struggled with while dealing with the Parkville Old Towne Market Community Improvement District (POTMCID).

The proposed CID's petition for creation requires that at least one member of the board of directors is a representative from the city. The proposed initial directors names Nan Johnston, mayor, as the first city representative. The other directors are Matt Brooks, Dale Brouk, Debra Hopkins, and Ed Bradley.

The petition also allows the board of aldermen to reject a slate of proposed directors and the CID will have to submit alternates for the proposed positions. The city will have the ability to appoint specific directors instead of just rejecting all of the proposed directors.

A provision of the district management plan requires the CID to prepare an annual budget and report of the major activities to the city for review.

Another portion of the CID bylaws requires the meetings of the CID be conducted in compliance with the Missouri Sunshine Law. This requires notice of meetings in advance to the public, ensures meetings are open and available to the public, and requires a record of discussions and actions taken during any meetings.

Johnston said the provision was added because CID boards are subject to the Sunshine Law, but there are no repercussions for a CID violating the law.

Johnston and board members have previously complained about the POTMCID not posting notice of meetings, not conducting audits according to city standards, and not keeping records of actions taken during meetings. The board and mayor have refused to approve proposed slates of directors for the POTMCID, but the board of directors has appointed interim directors instead.

According to a preliminary schedule for the new CID, a public hearing would be held on Dec. 6 with the proposed board of directors appointed on Dec. 20. The CID board would then conduct a mail in election in March 2017 for approval of the sales tax and the new sales tax would take effect in July of 2017.

The potential revenues from the CID are slated to be used for making road improvements along Highway 9 south of Highway 45 to near the Parkville Athletic Complex for the first phase. The improvements include adding sidewalks, a trail, curbs, and a stoplight at Clark Avenue.