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Perrin ends his
political campaign

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

One of three Republicans seeking their party’s nomination for second district Platte County commissioner has dropped out of the race.

Vic Perrin, of Platte City, on Tuesday morning said he is dropping out of the race.

“I have suspended my campaign,” he said in a brief phone call to The Landmark. Asked why, Perrin responded: “People would rather talk about BS than important topics and I’m not going to spend the next six weeks doing that.”

He declined to give specifics and ended the phone conversation by saying a press release would be issued later in the day. The press release issued Tuesday afternoon had vague references but no specifics as to why Perrin is suspending his campaign effort.

“It is apparent that opposition to my candidacy is interested in diverting attention away from issues most important to Platte County voters by using anonymous smear tactics and whisper campaigns. There are political tactics that, sadly, we have all become too familiar with,” Perrin said in the written press announcement.

“Platte County is a great community and does not need or deserve this type of negative, irresponsible publicity,” Perrin is quoted as saying in the press release, though there is no mention of any specific alleged smear tactics or whispers, or what alleged negative or irresponsible publicity would come if he remained in the race.

Phone messages to Perrin seeking explanation of the comments had not been returned as of Landmark press time.

The Landmark did reach Hannah Hershey, a spokesperson for Perrin’s campaign.

Asked for details about the alleged “smears and whispers,” Hershey responded: ‘I think it (to explain) would just continue to let (the alleged smears and whispers) live on beyond their life span, if we were get into the ‘he said, she said’ side of it.”

She added: “Vic was focusing on what voters want Platte County to be like. Smears and whispers are not that thing.”

Asked where the “smears and whispers” were allegedly coming from, Hershey said: “We don’t want to give any more credence to what is being said than what it already has.”

His press release said Perrin had hoped “his role as commissioner would further the great work already in progress by current elected officials.”

Hershey said Perrin would have brought “a bipartisan, common sense approach to county government that fosters creative thinking and unified efforts.”

In the release, Perrin is quoted as saying: “I wish to express my deepest appreciation and gratitude to the many people supporting my bid for county commissioner. Your dedication to preserving the quality of life we enjoy is remarkable. I will remain engaged in local organizations that further our commitment to excellent schools, parks, neighborhoods, law enforcement and economic development.”

Hershey said Perrin’s main areas of focus would have been to “maintain a fantastic parks and rec system, make sure Platte County remains the healthiest county in Missouri, and maintain a safe place to live, which means taking care of law enforcement. Taking care of everything that makes a place great.”

Though he has stopped his campaign, ballots for the Aug. 2 primary have already been printed, meaning Perrin’s name will still be on the ballot. That’s unless he seeks a court order to have it removed, which seems unlikely, as there would be court costs involved and Perrin would also be responsible for covering costs of reprinting ballots.

That cost of reprinting would be more than $10,000, Platte County Board of Elections officials indicated to The Landmark on Tuesday.

Perrin’s exit from the race leaves Republican candidates John Elliott of rural Platte County and Jason Buckley of Kansas City in Platte County in a battle for the GOP nomination for second district commissioner. On the Democrat side, John Fairfield is unopposed in the primary in August and will advance to the general in November against the Republican winner.

In the first district county commission race, incumbent Beverlee Roper of Weatherby Lake is seeking reelection. She is opposed on the Republican ballot by Dagmar Wood of Parkville.

There are no Democrat candidates in the first district race.