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Park Hill stadium
getting new scoreboard

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

Park Hill’s football stadium is getting a new scoreboard.

The school board last week approved a plan to replace the district’s 28-year-old stadium scoreboard with one to be purchased from Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota at a cost of $135,778.

The price does not include installation costs, which the district says will be completed by both district staff and external professional installers.

“We expect the new scoreboard to pay for itself over time with revenue from advertising,” said Nicole Kirby, public relations specialist for Park Hill.

Advertising will be displayed on the scoreboard and there will be static signage advertising around the scoreboard, district officials said.

•Scoreboard Dimensions – The video portion of the scoreboard will be approximately 11 feet in height and 20 feet in width (dimensions do not include any static signage). This is consistent with the size of the existing scoreboard and will be visible to spectators at the stadium.

•Scoreboard Functionality – The scoreboard will include ability to show scores, time, and sport specific data, including data for football, track, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

•Video Capability – Based upon the revenue opportunities, the scoreboard will have the ability to show produced and live video.

• Life of Scoreboard -- The scoreboard will have a useful life of 20 years.

•Static Signage – The scoreboard will include three areas surrounding the video board for static signage (right, left, bottom). This static signage is anticipated to increase revenue opportunities.

•Connectivity – The scoreboard will have both wired and wireless capabilities.

•Digital Controls and Graphics – The scoreboard will be controlled from within the press box and will include digital graphics and animation capabilities.

As for the old scoreboard in the district stadium, it was installed in 1988. The manufacturer, Nevco, no longer supports the model and replacement parts are no longer available. In recent years, the district operations staff has maintained the scoreboard despite ongoing malfunctions, such as connectivity and accuracy issues.

According to district officials, the current scoreboard is showing signs of advanced age, including:

•The controller in the booth has continual issues during games and district. Operations staff members are kept "on call" for real-time repairs.

•The wired connections to the scoreboard regularly fail.

•Bulbs are replaced throughout the season with sockets degrading to a point of where they cannot be repaired.

•The scoreboard has faded over the last 28 years.