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City of Tracy about to get
a new City Hall
Sewer district selling its building

by Ivan Foley
Landmark editor

Changes are on the way at Tracy.

The Platte County Regional Sewer District (PCRSD) is preparing to move out of the building it owns in Tracy along Hwy. 273.

Moving in to the PCRSD building will be the City of Tracy. The city will be buying the sewer district’s building on a lease-purchase arrangement. The city plans to use the building as its new City Hall.

The City of Tracy will pay PCRSD a total of $251,200 to purchase the building. The lease-purchase deal calls for monthly payments, with a lump sump at the end, through June 30, 2023.

Meanwhile, the sewer district will become a renter. It has signed a lease to rent space from Platte County inside the Platte County Resource Center at 11724 Plaza Circle, Kansas City in Platte County. The resource center is on the east side of Interstate 29 not far from the KCI Airport exit.

All of the transactions become effective July 1.

“We want to move south to get closer to the vast majority of our customer base,” Dan Koch, executive director of the PCRSD, told The Landmark this week.

“Our long term hope is to eventually have our office at our sewer plant, which is in Parkville near River Road and I-435,” Koch added.

But that long term plan won’t happen for at least the next five years. The PCRSD signed a five year lease agreement with Platte County to rent 2750 square feet inside the Platte County Resource Center.

PCRSD will pay the county $1,375 per month in rent. The charge will increase three percent per year over the five year span, according to the lease agreement.

The sewer district will occupy the area inside the resource center that was formerly leased by UMKC.

“This will be the first time the building has been full since UMKC left,” Duane Soper, second district county commissioner, remarked during Monday’s commission meeting.

“We are committed to being in there for five years,” said Koch who has served as executive director of PCRSD the past six years.

The move will mean less space for PCRSD than it has in the building it owns in Tracy. Koch said less space won’t be a problem.

“We have right-sized our staff to operate as efficiently as possible. We’re finding less space is a more efficient way to run,” he stated.

PCRSD purchased its current location from the Bank of Weston well over a decade ago at a price of $225,000. The bank had operated a branch at that location since 1973.

Koch said the sewer district doesn’t get a lot of walk-in traffic from its customers but when it does it receives feedback to the effect of “Why are you located all the way up here?”

That will change effective July 1.

“We are so separated from our customer base. I’m trying to ‘unseparate’ us as far as distance goes,” Koch said.


The Platte County Regional Sewer District will be moving from this building along Hwy. 273 in Tracy and selling it to the City of Tracy, which has plans to convert it into its City Hall. The PCRSD will lease office space from Platte County in the Platte County Resource Center near KCI. The move becomes effective July 1.